K&H Innovathon May 18th

  • registration period: April 2nd–May 2nd
  • more than 4 500 000 HUF in prizes (15 000 €)
  • challenges around PSD2 and Open Banking

K&H Group, subsidiary of KBC Group is truly committed to Open Banking. As a next step towards Open Banking, we invite startups, fintechs, developers and designers to an Innovation contest called K&H Innovathon. 

Did you always want to work together with an international bank group? Did you always have the dream to have your ideas used all over Europe? Are you and your team the next big thing, an innovator at its core? If you have answered to any of these questions yes, then K&H Innovathon is your event. 

Register now, win the cash prizes of more than 4 500 000 HUF (15 000 €), get a fast track incubation at Start it @K&H startup incubator and have the opportunity to work with a market leader bank group of Hungary and Europe.

You have an awesome product, or an excellent team of developers and designers, then come and register for the event.

timeline timeline

April 2nd: Start of Registration Period
May 2nd: End of Registration Period
May 7th: Notification of finalists, access to the API environment
May 7th–18th: Development period of the ideas, products based on the available APIs
May 18th: Finals at K&H Headquarters

For every challenge, you will need to demo a prototype of your idea, so please bear in mind that development capabilities are needed for this event. If you already have a product, we are still interested how that product can fit in above topics and aligned to the K&H image, meanwhile exploiting the potentials in our APIs.

In case you lack development capabilities, please indicate that in the registration form, you can still compete for the best UX idea that fits K&H image, however please note, a main selection criteria will be a potential demo of a prototype.

The challenges will compete with each other and 3 prizes will be handed out.

  1. 1 500 000 HUF (cca. 5 000 €) + fast track incubation at Start it @K&H
  2. 1 000 000 HUF (cca. 3 000 €)
  3. 500 000 HUF (cca. 1 500 €)

K&H and VISA will both have one special award which are:

  • Special Award: The best UX product, that preferably fits the K&H image most: 500 000 HUF (cca. 1 500 €)
  • VISA Special award: 1 000 000 HUF (cca. 3 000 €)

From the 2nd of April till the 2nd of May, we run a 1-month idea submission period, during which you can submit your ideas/products and we warmly recommend to send us also some business related extensions e.g.:

  • why is it good for the customer
  • why is it good for the bank
  • business plan
  • implementation requirements

We will select the 15 most promising teams to the finals, give access to our API environment and let the selected finalists work on their idea for 2 more weeks with access to the APIs. On 18th May, before noon finalists will meet with K&H business and IT experts and get feedback on their progress. During the afternoon we will let you work, code and do a last fine-tune -based on the feedbacks- your final application. The jury of C-level and Operative directors of K&H Group and our partners will decide the winners.

We are looking for developers, designers, business gurus and innovators. Although nothing can stop innovation, we want teams/companies to register. Cooperating with a big corporate can be sometimes tricky. Therefore during the 2 week period we encourage the finalists to not only work on the product, but also on an action-plan how an implementation of the solution in the daily life of K&H would look like, and what is the underlying business case.

1. cash is king in Hungary! Incentivize people with your solution to use electronic channels

Cash accounts for almost 80% of transactions in the Hungarian economy, meanwhile the amount in circulation is at all time high. We believe, that with the right incentives and proper digital applications we can change that. But for that we need you. Please show us your product, that helps K&H to reduce cash transactions and engage people via electronic channels. For inspiration we recommend for example i) the Swedish example of Swish and ii) Visa Developer APIs.

2. “I’m mobile” – How can you get the most out of PSD2 & VISA APIs?

Mobile is everywhere. From weather forecasts to streaming, we use our mobile for everything. Banking and finance are no exception. With Open Banking around the corner and Visa’s APIs readily available, there is a real opportunity, to increase incumbents’ mobile presence and go beyond traditional banking apps. We are open to your ideas, products. Let’s bring K&H and banking on mobile to the next level.

3. business banking: facilitate corporate banking with your solution

Corporates are often forgotten, when we talk about innovation. At least on events like Hackathons. But K&H Innovathon is open not only to retail ideas and innovators, but to corporate banking as well. Do you have something, that changes corporate and SME banking as we know today? Is it machine to machine communication, is it a new way of doing complicated lending? 

4. K&H as a banking platform

K&H as a banking platform – New business models, ways to engage clients are emerging in all industries. The recent buzz is about platforms taking over our daily life. We would like to see, how you put K&H as a banking platform in the center of that. Is it mortgage, cash loans and current accounts? Does it go beyond traditional banking products, we are even more excited.

what is an innovathon? | Innovation + Marathon = Innovathon |

Innovathon is the little brother of a hackathon, in this case with a twist. We open the coding fun for the finalists not only for 48hrs, but for two whole weeks, and on the day of the event after business feedbacks for a last rush of couple more hrs. You will create something (entirely) new from things that already exist. Developers, designers, business gurus and innovators form a team or come from companies and in this case, they will work on their already existing product or fantastic new idea, to match it with K&H brand, challenges and align it with an incumbent bank’s business plans.

what is PSD2 and Open Banking?

PSD2 is a new EU directive, that will let so called certified Third Party Provider get access to customer’s account information and payment initiation. Open Banking is a step further on that road, where banks provide more data via a secure connection and build products on top of that.

how can I participate on the innovathon?

To participate on the innovathon, you will have to register and submit your idea/product. Registrations will open on 2nd of April. They will remain open until 2nd of May. On the 7th of May we will notify the 15 finalist teams, who will also get access tokens to the Sandbox and will have 2 weeks to work and develop their products based on the sandbox environment.

what if I have an excellent idea, but there are 15 even better idea or products?

If there will be so many good applications, that 15 places are not enough, we will of course not limit the finals to 15 teams. We will be flexible with our partners.

do I have to know how to code to join?

Not all participants need to be developers, but you will need to demo a prototype of your idea before our judges. So, forming a team that accounts for design, UX and coding is a great start. 

where is this going to take place?

The innovathon is going to take place in K&H’s Headquarter, Lechner Ödön Fasor 9., 1095.

why should I join the innovathon?

Here are some benefits:

  • More than 4 500 000 HUF (15 000 €) in cash prizes
  • A chance to work with a market leader bank group and its partners like VISA
  • The winner gets a fast track to Start it @K&H incubator with 20 000$ Google Cloud Credit
  • A true challenge of your skills and ideas in the business world
  • Turn your knowledge into a concrete and innovative product/service.
  • You will have a chance to get your idea/product implemented in the daily life of an international bank group

will finalist teams receive help with their projects?

Yes, internal experts will give technical feedback and help you throughout the 2-week development phase. On the day of the final every team will have the chance to talk with banking business experts and get feedbacks to implement them in their final product before the final presentations.

how does judging work?

A grand jury of five C-level and Operative Director from K&H Group and VISA will judge you on your overall approach and feasibility. You will have a business and technical review on Saturday morning and in the afternoon, after your fine-tuning you will pitch your solutions.

is the VISA challenge separate?

In terms of prizes, the VISA challenge will have a separate prize, but the jury for all submission will be the same.

will each challenge have a separate winner?

No. All contender compete against each other regardless of what challenge they go for. Only the VISA challenge will have a separate prize and winner.

if I win, do I get the prizes in HUF of EUR?

Prizes are paid out in HUF, the EUR is just an approximate to see the value.

do I need to sign up for a specific challenge?

No. We understand that just as life, business is also complex and solutions are overlapping with multiple challenges, so do not limit yourself to a box. You can have a mobile solution that is also a platform at the same time.

what equipment will I need for the innovathon?

Bring your computer, mobile device, and any other hardware you wish to use along with their power cords.

is this an overnight innovathon?

No, the innovathon final day will be a one-day event on the 18th of May from 08:00 till 21:00. The finals period although will consist of 2 weeks time of “at home” development.

will meals be provided and are they free?

Absolutely. Drinks, lunches, dinners and snacks will be provided throughout the entire event. 

can I use third party APIs?

Yes. In addition to the available technologies provided by our partners, you are free to use any publicly available software and third party APIs.

how can I access the VISA APIs?

The selected finalists will be able to access them after registration on the VISA developer portal.

am I allowed to use VISA APIs only for the VISA partnered challenge?

No, you can use VISA APIs for all the challenges.

how can I access your APIs?

The API environment will be available to the selected finalists from the 7th of May till the 18th of May. We will provide everyone the necessary tokens and credentials in time who make it to the finals.

what APIs will be available?

All PSD2 APIs will be available and much more. For further information visit our developer portal

what is Visa Developer Platform and how i can access the APIs via it?

The Visa Developer Platform is an open platform. Developers can go to developer.visa.com and sign-up for access – once they have an account they can explore APIs and test in sandbox with sample code right away:

if I have any other questions regarding the innovathon, who can I contact?

Please reach out to reka.virtas@kh.hu with any questions regarding the organisation of the innovathon and join our Slack channel.

jury jury


David Moucheron

David Moucheron

CEO K&H Bank

Balázs Németh

Balázs Németh

Head of Operations, IT and Products K&H Bank

Imre Fónai

Imre Fónai

Head of Digital Channels K&H Bank

Koen Maegherman

Koen Maegherman

Strategy Director K&H Bank

László Németh

László Németh

Head of Accounts and Card Products K&H Bank

Máté Préda

Máté Préda

Senior Manager VISA

partners partners

VISA Start it @K&H  

For questions your main point of contact: reka.virtas@kh.hu and/or join our Slack channel