account management for young customers 18+
[K&H youth account package 18+]

I’ll spend on gathering new experiences

  • 0 HUF monthly account management fee (UDRI: 0.01%)
  • Use your debit card contactless, even on your mobile handset
  • track your spending with ease on your mobile handset
Maintaining the account [K&H youth account package 18+]
Internet banking and mobile app services [K&H e-bank, K&H mobile bank]
Providing a debit card [K&H Maestro contactless card]
SMS service [K&H mobilinfo]
Sending money within Hungary in HUF
Standing order
Direct Debit


manage your money independently

You can ask for your salary, scholarship payments and pocket money to be paid into to your own K&H youth bank account, so you don't have to keep a larger amount of cash with you or use your parents' account. You can keep your money in one place so it won’t be spent on unnecessary things; you can learn to manage it on your own, spend it carefully and you can also track your spending more easily.

pay conveniently and safely

  • you can pay with ease with a single touch of your contactless card or even your mobile (it requires a smartphone running Android 5 or higher, also offering NFC). It’s safer than carrying larger amounts of cash with you, and you don’t have to bother with small change
  • the K&H mobile wallet can be used on handsets running Android; on mobile devices running the iOS operating system you can use the Apple Pay mobile application service to digitalise and use your Maestro or Mastercard retail and business debit or credit card issued by K&H Bank
  • you can pay conveniently and securely for your online purchases
  • you can track your balance in the internet banking and mobile application service [K&H mobilbank], but with our text messaging (SMS) service [K&H mobilinfo] you can also request separate SMS notifications for individual purchases
  • you can also send money from your bank account to anyone's bank account, and you can do this even from your mobile handset; this makes, for example, school and fee payments easier
  • you can set usage limits on your bank card so that you can keep your money even more secure
  • in addition to your bank account, you can also open a separate account, which cannot be accessed directly with a bank card (K&H youth savings account)

avoid unnecessary spending

How? Mostly by following when and what you spend money on. You don't need to manage this yourself; we will keep a record for you using our internet banking and mobile application [K&H e-bank, K&H mobilbank] services:

  • you can keep track of when and how much money was credited to your bank account, and how much you have spent from your balance,
  • where and when you made a purchase using card at a store or online, and
  • what your balance is right now,
  • you can set limits on your card purchases

you can save for a new phone, summer programmes or your studies

Even a few hundred forints can be turned into thousands fast. Decide how much you want to collect, and how much you can save on a regular basis. It’s important to that you treat the money you set aside for savings separately from your daily expenses.

  • on top of the account management service, you can open a separate K&H youth savings account, where you can collect the money you save as follows: you will not have access with your debit card, so you won’t be able to spend it by accident,
  • you also get an online planner in your e-bank with your savings account, where you can identify what you are collecting money for and how much you still need; and you can also easily keep track of how you are doing at any moment in time.

As soon as you need the money you have saved, you can, of course, transfer it to your normal bank account and use it at any time.

you will not incur high banking charges

The bank will charge a fee for using the services (just like a phone operator or music provider). Being a student, in the K&H youth package these fees are discounted for you, so they represent only a minimal expenditure, especially if you use your account smartly.

basic charges

account management

0 HUF (UDRI*: 0.01%)

K&H e-bank, K&H mobilbank, K&H mobile wallet


discounted debit card service [K&H Mastercard contactless card]**

in the first year: 0 HUF, then 6 794 HUF per year

management of the savings account

0 HUF (UDRI*: 0,05–0,15%)

bank service via the phone [K&H TeleCenter]


tips for using your account smartly:

  • instead of cash, use your bank card or initiate a payment from your account
  • find out in advance about the fees for services that you use albeit rarely (such as cash withdrawal, bank transfer, text message (SMS) notifications). Feel free to request help from our staff
  • do it online: transactions initiated from your K&H e-bank and K&H mobilbank (i.e. transactions, such as payments) cost less than if you performed them in a branch
  • try to reduce the number of domestic cash withdrawals to a maximum of 2 per month, because they are free of charge up to a sum of HUF 150 000. If you fail, try and take cash from a K&H ATM, as it is cheaper than withdrawing it from another bank’s cash machine
  • if you have already used up the 2 free domestic cash withdrawals in a given month, and need to give money to someone, it is better to choose bank transfer
  • keep an eye on your account, e.g. check your bank charges once a month in your K&H e-bank or K&H mobilbank. If something is not clear, feel free to ask our staff for help.
  • The Announcement “On the bank accounts, deposit accounts, term deposits and cash transactions of natural persons” contains the charges pertaining to the transactions you perform through your bank account, such as fees for regular transfers (you send money to someone’s bank account), direct debits (direct debit orders) – (when you mandate the bank to make any payments falling due to utility companies, such as your monthly phone bill, so you don't have to do it yourself)
  • "Debit card announcement for natural persons": here you will find the fees applicable to the debit card service, i.e. the K&H Maestro contactless debit card - such as the annual fee for the debit card service, ATM cash withdrawal in Hungary or abroad, or balance inquiry at an ATM.

* UDRI - the Unified Deposit Rate Index – is an index that can be determined using a complex formula. Its purpose is to be able to compare the different savings (e.g. deposit or bank account) offers of banks; i.e. to show where you can get more interest for the money you keep there.

** You can also apply for an embossed Mastercard contactless debit card if, for example, you travel a lot abroad, where you rent a car, book a hotel room, or buy a lot online from various foreign sites. Our staff can tell you more about the terms and conditions of this product.

The K&H youth account package 18+ is a product insured by the National Deposit Insurance Fund.

how to start?

Opening an account is simple and free of charge:

  • gather information: review the services. If you have any questions, you can ask to be called back, and our staff will be happy to help you find your way.
  • submit your application: you can conveniently submit your application online via our dedicated platform, which does not, at this stage, involve any obligation. It simply makes the process easier and faster. If you choose to go to a branch first, you can book an appointment online, to avoid queuing.
  • conclude the contract, supply required documents: in case of online application, we will prepare your account management contract in the branch. To conclude the process in the branch, please take your ID, address card and student ID with you. In the branch, our staff will help you make sure that everything is clear and unambiguous. Feel free to ask questions, that's why we are on hand!
  • debit card service: your bank card will be produced in approximately 1 week, and we will send it to you by regular mail. Once it has arrived, you can pick up the corresponding PIN code in the branch (for your security), activate it with the help of our staff, and it is ready to be used.

favourable services even after your student years

The preferential K&H youth packages have been designed specifically for young people who are still studying, do not necessarily have a permanent job or a fixed monthly income. While you are using this service, we may from time to time ask you to confirm that your student status still exists (e.g. with a valid student ID) or to notify us if your status has terminated.

Once you complete your studies, but no later than at the age of 26, your existing account management service will switch to a favourable “adult” account management service [K&H retail account package] without a separate contract, which is the ideal choice for career starters who already have a job. We will, of course, inform you about this well in time, and if you have a different need, you will be able to choose any of our other service packages, as it is important for us to ensure that you remain a satisfied customer of ours in the long run.

releated documents

announcement on the bank accounts, deposit accounts, term deposits and cash transactions of private individual customers
K&H debit bankcard announcement of private individual customers
announcement on the bank accounts, deposits, cash transactions, bankcards and investments of private banking customers
General Terms and Conditions

We draw your attention to the consumer protection website of Financial Navigator Advisory of the National Bank of Hungary where you can find useful product descriptions and various applications for comparison (loan calculator, budget calculator for households).

This material does not constitute an offer; it is intended merely for information. The Bank reserves the right to change the conditions. A detailed description of the product and its terms and conditions can be found in the relevant client contract; the General Contracting Terms and Conditions for bank account, deposit account and term deposit products offered to resident and non-resident natural persons, the General Contracting Terms and Conditions for bank card and credit card services, in K&H Bank’s General Terms and Conditions, announcement on the bank accounts, deposit accounts, term deposits and cash transactions and the announcement on debit card for individual persons, which can be viewed in our bank branches and on the website.The K&H youth account package 18+ is insured by the National Deposit Insurance Fund. The insurance service is provided by K&H Biztosító Zrt. You can find detailed information on the insurance product in the relevant contractual terms and conditions of insurance.