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Gábor Rajna

Gábor Rajna

Senior Managing Director, Member of the Executive Committee

“When you choose K&H, you gain an intensive and long-lasting relationship. In return for the investment of your time to help us understand your business and its context, you will receive high-quality financial solutions tailored to your needs. We guarantee you the full commitment of your dedicated local relationship team, our central specialist and support teams, and our senior managers. At K&H, we take your business personally!”

client focused corporate solutions throughout Europe

independence and a strong capital background

independence and a strong capital background

K&H Bank belongs to the KBC Group, an integrated Belgian bankinsurance group listed on the Euronext stock exchange, with more than 36,000 committed colleagues working for your success worldwide.

In-depth knowledge of the local conditions is crucial to us because that is the way to better understand our clients, react to changes proactively and efficiently, and satisfy our clients’ needs with tailor-made products and services. Consequently, we continuously monitor changes in the market and the economic environment.

The KBC Group’s solid capital and robust liquidity position allows K&H to follow a path of steady and sustainable growth.

Corporate clients looking for stable and independent advisors prefer to work with K&H because of our nearly three decades of corporate banking experience. Thanks to the outstanding quality of K&H’s credit portfolio, we are one of the few banks in Hungary that have been able to maintain financially sound operations during and after the recent financial crisis.

K&H’s excellent loan-to-deposit ratio guarantees that our lending is not limited by capital or liquidity constraints.

We consider it our mission to provide our customers with professional financial advice and solutions.

understanding our clients’ business and working towards their goals

understanding our clients’ business and working towards their goals

We believe in building personal relationships and seek to thoroughly understand your needs. Our clients can rely on K&H’s locally embedded relationship management teams as well as a multitude of specialists.

A wide range of products, services, distribution channels and international relations allows us to offer tailor-made solutions and professional financial advice.

In addition to responding to our clients’ needs, we also propose solutions for the identification and management of the risks inherent in their activities.

helping you outside Hungary

helping you outside Hungary

KBC’s presence in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Hungary makes the group one of the leading financial service providers in Central Europe.

Relying on KBC’s network and our international reach, we also provide access to major markets in Western Europe, Asia and the United States, offering innovative, customer-driven and effective solutions to address your international financial needs.

In cooperation with IBOS (‘International Banking – One Solution’ – an alliance of strong local banks) KBC offers corporate clients first-class cash management services via an extensive international network in 28 countries across Europe, North America and South America.

We have long-standing experience in trade finance connected to exports and imports, as well as in the structured finance necessary for risk management and transaction execution. Starting from the phase of trade negotiations, we provide our clients with advice towards a solution that is beneficial to both parties.

what we offer

what we offer

Utilising decades of expertise, K&H offers tailor-made financial solutions best suited to the specific economic and financial situation of our clients.

effective cash management
Manage your company’s liquidity effectively and efficiently through K&H’s extensive cash management services and innovative products.

optimal liquidity management solutions
Enjoy access to varied deposit and investment products through K&H’s liquidity management tools.

exchange and interest rate risk management
Manage the risks associated with exchange rate and interest rate volatility with a range of financial solutions.

wider funding opportunities
We are aware of the importance of funding structure optimisation, effective cost management and operating risk management. Our colleagues can find the solutions best serving your needs so that your company can grow both in Hungary and abroad.

We are especially proud of our decades of wide-ranging experience in agriculture and the food industries, our partnership with family businesses and the fact that we cater to companies in virtually all industries. 

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