K&H token certificate renewal

Important prerequisites for token renewal!

  • system administrator privileges are required
  • in case of certain security software packages it is required to permit the download of plugins/add-ons separately

in case of any questions please call K&H’s Corporate Customer Service at +36 1 468 7777

please download and install the add-ons required for token renewal

please use the settings of your computer from the dropdown list

further important information

why is token renewal necessary?

The Electra and e-post token certificate expires every 4 years for your safety, therefore the renewal of the certifications is necessary.

  • the certificate can be renewed in a few simple steps
  • the device operates as usual until the expiration date
  • after the expiration of the certificate ,login or sign in is not possible with the token until the renewal

what are the technical requirements for renewal?

you will need the following to start the automatic process:

  • USB token
  • internet connection
  • internet browser
  • at least MS Windows 7 version of the operating system

The system will automatically check that conditions are met and offer the necessary additional installation.

what to do if you do not have permission to renew?

Ask your administrator for assistance and check if you have the right conditions. The certifications can be renewed on another computer, even at home.

do you have technical question? 

Please read the user guide or ask your system administrator for help.

does every user need to perform the renewal?

All Electra and e-Post users with USB token are required to renew the security certificate.   If your system environment meets the requirements for renewal, even more users may perform the Electra token security certificate renewal on the same computer.

click the certificate renewal button
enter the token pin code
the system checks the technical reqirements
install the required add-on
wait until the auto-renewal process completes
The present information does not qualify as an offer. The Bank reserves the right to modify conditions. For a detailed product description and conditions, please consult the client contract, the General Contract Terms and Conditions of payment and deposit services offered to corporate customers, the General Contract Terms and Conditions of electronically identified banking services and the current Announcement for corporate customers.