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K&H Developer Portal
Welcome to K&H Developer Portal that guides you through the first steps towards offering great services to your customers through APIs. K&H’s APIs are intended to encourage TPPs to create truly innovative services that provide a great user experience.

K&H’s APIs are based on the Berlin Group’s v1.2 framework and the industry’s best practices, and have been designed with great care in order to provide our customers and your business with the quality and value to which they are accustomed from K&H Bank.

The portal contains high-quality API documentation as well as numerous useful guides and illustrations.

In order to proceed with your registration please follow the steps described under get started section of our developer portal.

K&H’s APIs

  • comply with the REST style;
  • communicate through HTTP, above a TLS connection;
  • use JSON and XML data representation (only in case of ISO20022-based messages);
  • support the ISO20022 standard (pain.001, pain.002, camt.052)
  • communicate errors with HTTP status codes and developer-friendly error messages;
  • use the latest security standards (QWACS eIDAS certificates). 

how to start discovering K&H's APIs? how to start discovering K&H's APIs?

Read the API documentation to find out the opportunities offered by K&H’s APIs.
Found something of interest? Download our test certificate and register your application.
Use tokens.
Test your application in the sandbox.
Didn’t find what you were looking for? Send us an e-mail and we’ll help.