cookie policy

1. What is a "cookie"?

When you visit K&H Bank Group sites, a snippet of text, a so called “cookie”, is stored in your browser. "Cookies" serve various purposes.

Our site uses some "cookies" to work properly while others allow us better understanding of usage patterns so we can improve our site for our users. Temporary or “session cookies” are erased when the browser is closed while “persistent cookies” stay in your browser for a longer time.

2. What are "cookies" for?

  • They store information about user settings and usage patterns to facilitate navigation on the site and make its use easier;
  • They contribute to the user experience by collecting information about how you use the site and which pages you visit most frequently so that we can improve your experience when you next visit it;
  • They collect statistics about which online services our visitors use to allow us to improve the most popular ones;
  • They provide information about how to improve and fine-tune our site;
  • They serve you with relevant advertisements.

3. Types of "cookies"

3.1. "Session cookies"

"Session cookies" facilitate browsing our site and using its functions. Among others, they store the actions taken on the site, in a function or service. Without "session cookies" the site will probably not appear properly. "Session cookies" expire whenever you end your session or close your browser.

Session support on our website is carried out in accordance with Section 13/A § (3) of Act CVIII 2001 on electronic commercial services and certain aspects of services in an information society.

The website uses the following "cookies":

  • JSESSIONID: a "technical cookie" recording the session identifier
  • LFR_SESSION_STATE + user ID: stores the date and time of the last session activity

3.2. "Functional cookies"

These "cookies" store information about operational choices (e.g. the selected language, the accessibility settings, the number of search results to display etc.) so that you do not have to make these settings the next time you visit the site. The site will work even without such preference "cookies" but its operation will be less smooth.

The website uses the following "cookies":

  • COOKIE_SUPPORT: "cookie preferences tester"
  • GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID: stores the code of the selected site language
  • KH_COOKIE_PRIVACY_ACCEPTED: stores a flag indicating whether the user has accepted our "cookies" policy

3.3. "Advertising cookies"

"Advertising cookies" allow us to serve you with the most relevant advertisements and to measure the performance of our campaigns.

The website uses the following targeting and "advertising cookies":

3.4. "Performance cookies"

"Performance cookies" gather information about how the visitors use our website (e.g. pages visited, number of pages visited, page elements clicked on, error messages displayed) so that we can improve its services and functions to ensure even better user experience.

We measure performance using third-party "session cookies". These "cookies" track visitor numbers and the contents visitors are interested in. The stored information is anonymized and only used to perform general analysis about how to improve the user experience.

The website uses the following service provider’s "analytics cookies":

4. Maximum security

Rest assured that even if you allow "cookies" the bank will not store any IDs or passwords.

You can e-bank in perfect security with "cookies" allowed in your browser.

5. Checking "cookie preferences", disabling "cookies"

Modern browsers allow you to change the "cookie" settings. Some browsers allow "cookies" by default although you can change this setting at any time to prevent automatic acceptance. If you change the setting the browser will ask you every time to decide what to do with the "cookies".

Please note that "cookies" are intended to improve the functionality of our website and to support its processes. If you disable "cookies" you may not be able to use all our website’s functions and the site may not work in your browser as intended.

6. Detailed information about how to set "cookie" preferences in various browsers