K&H Bank has offered private banking services to high-net-worth clients since October 2001.

The objective of the K&H Private Banking Directorate is to build a relationship between clients and their advisors so that clients can receive highly tailored advice. This personal relationship forms the foundation of the mutual trust so essential in wealth management.

The Bank’s private banking services focus on investment management and advice, and we build and diversify your portfolio to fit your risk profile. Our staff are advised on legal and tax matters by trustworthy partners.

K&H private banking is not about pushing products; our objective is to create investment portfolios that meet our clients’ needs and means and, above all, their tolerance of risk. Of course all investment products available on the capital markets of the world are available through our private banking service.

The K&H Private Banking Directorate develops its investment strategy and the resulting portfolio-building concept in cooperation with K&H Treasury and K&H Fund Manager. We also consult our professional partners over our investment recommendations tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

our mission

Day by day, we have to make choices to secure the future of our family and to multiply our wealth. We provide the best advice to K&H’s private banking clients on financial and other matters to suit their situation in life and economic and social environment.

Thanks to K&H Bank’s excellent professional track record, stable international background and the competence of our private banking advisors our investment advice provides a sound strategy for wealth management. It is important to us that clients choose us or stay loyal not only because they consider us better than our competitors in business terms but also because they feel that we are their partner with whom they can build a secure future for their children and grandchildren as well as for themselves.

Five reasons why clients choose us

It is particularly important to us, as it is to all service providers, that we understand and regularly monitor our clients’ expectations of our services, assess their satisfaction and learn about any problems and questions. To this end we polled all our clients in spring 2015 about the most important aspects of their dealings with us, using a leading independent Hungarian market research firm to ensure objectivity.

We are very proud of the fact that 94% of the respondents answered yes to the question, “… would you use the private banking products and services of K&H again?”

To the question “… would you recommend the private banking products and services of K&H to your friends and acquaintances?”
93% replied in the affirmative.

dedicated relationship managers

Both our survey and continuous feedback clearly confirm that this high level of loyalty is because our clients rate the quality of the services provided by our dedicated relationship managers very highly.

Our dedicated advisors represent the entire K&H Group; they are the ones who sell our products and services to clients and deal with them. This personal relationship forms the basis of the mutual trust essential for wealth management.

Our clients do not need to keep track of offers themselves as they can rely on expert help with their banking and securities portfolio. Our advisors monitor money and capital market news and thus always have up-to-date suggestions suiting all life and accumulation periods, able to respond to any challenges clients may face.

convenience services

Our convenience services are particularly important to clients. We closely monitor the evolution of their investments and the maturities thereof, and our advisors are available outside working hours as and when necessary. They are also happy to visit clients in their offices or even their homes. If a personal meeting is not possible, transactions can be executed on recorded phone lines audited by the KBC Group, which is the most convenient solution to clients and also provides fully secure identification.

extensive product range, tailored portfolio building

Many firms offer bespoke investment services on the money market but few have really comprehensive, all-encompassing knowledge of the diverse fields of investment management. The global services offered by K&H Private Banking are based on high-level asset allocation. We employ a unique approach called basis add-ons model, which is a lot more than “traditional” portfolio building: it has all the same advantages but supplements them with a yield potential offered by active management.

In addition to managing investment risks we also offer access to the Hungarian and international bond, equity and foreign exchange markets with the help of the staff of our key partners, K&H Fund Manager, K&H Dealing Room and our sister company, KBC Securities.

utmost discretion

Wealth and wealth management offer opportunities but of course they also involve responsibility. This applies to clients generally but is even more true in our case as our clients trust us with multiplying their wealth. In addition to offering the widest possible product range and acting with the greatest professional care and diligence it is extremely important to do our job with uttermost discretion. Although we work very closely with the branch network of K&H Bank, only our colleagues in Private Banking are familiar with the details of our clients’ financial situation and the volume and status of their investments. These are business secrets regarded as highly confidential even within the Bank. At the same time the units responsible for investor protection and operating within the risk management of the Bank monitor all transactions concluded on behalf of clients very closely to protect their interests.

professional support and funding

However competent our advisors and wide our range of products and services, of course we would not be able to serve our clients to the standard expected in the absence of adequate professional support and funding. Clients legitimately expect us not only to make prudent choices regarding investment products and portfolios but also to choose our professional partners carefully, and the history of money and capital markets also confirms the importance thereof.

We are very proud to be working and operating as a member of the KBC Group, and this association also provides a high level of security to our clients.

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