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investment advice

K&H’s private banking services are centred around investment advice: your dedicated advisor makes suggestions about creating or restructuring your portfolio in line with your risk profile and situation in life, so that you can achieve an optimal yield on your investments, i.e. the highest yield achievable given the applicable risks. The choice is then yours: you may follow their advice or go against it.

We create your portfolio using the so-called “core & satellite” approach, which involves much more than traditional portfolio building, combining the advantages of the latter with a higher yield potential resulting from active management. “Core” investments are internationally diverse long-term investments consistent with your risk profile, recommended for the long term. The medium term (1-3 years) strategy is based on “Optional core” investments, while “satellite” investments take advantage of market opportunities that occur in the short term (3-6 months) in the hope of higher yields.


We regularly publish a newsletter containing details of the most important economic events, general market information and our recommendations.

We work together with K&H Fund Manager, the Bank’s analysts and the strategic team of KBC Securities so that the investments we offer (shares, FX positions, bond market opportunities) are unique technically as well as in their fundamentals.

Every month we analyse the events of the past explaining key market events and analysing their effects but we also try to anticipate the future, and we base our recommendations on the outcome (for example, we recommend funds that offer an interesting story such as Navigátor, Amerika, Európai Unió etc.).

Our range of FX products is continuously expanding as the instruments of our parent bank, the Belgian KBC (products originally developed for Belgian private banking clients with KBC’s investment policy, considered unique in Hungary) are also available to our clients.

A few months ago the Fund Manager launched a blog,, which comments on past, current and expected market events.

Of course clients can also rely on proactive help from our advisors as we respond immediately to the slightest move in the market. Our newsletters are only available to K&H private banking clients.

tax advice, wealth planning

Our investment decisions are influenced by a number of factors from risk appetite to yield and liquidity expectations to taxation. In addition to short- and medium-term investment decisions we must also pay attention to long-term wealth management considerations. Our advisors are happy to help you and they can always consult our independent partners.