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investment principles

Our investment principles and approach to portfolio-building were developed in line with MiFID, the directive of the European Council regulating the protection of investors. The cornerstone of creating any portfolio is the client’s risk profile, which provides guidance to both the client and us regarding acceptable risks and products.

Our private bankers run a risk check before making suggestions concerning clients’ portfolios but the ultimate decision and responsibility always lies with the clients, who are free to accept or reject our advice as they think fit.

Our approach to portfolio-building, the so-called “core & satellite” model involves much more than traditional portfolio building, combining the advantages of the latter with a higher yield potential resulting from active management.

“Core” investments are internationally diverse long-term investments consistent with the client’s risk profile. If they choose an exchange-traded mixed fund, then the composition of their core investments can always be adjusted to the market environment

“Optional core” investments are investments focusing on a specific market and recommended for the medium term (1-3 years).

“Satellite” investments take advantage of market opportunities that occur in the short term (3-6 months) in the hope of higher yields. However, these are typically risky products that require careful monitoring.