K&H e-bank login

what is a mobile token?

A mobil-token is a means of software-based identification built into the K&H mobilbank app. It is a highly secure, simple-to-use and fast way to log into the K&H e-bank and to authenticate transactions there. To use a mobil-token you need the K&H mobilbank app. It is very easy to use with your smart phone, as you log in by scanning the colour code displayed on the e-bank screen and sign the transactions by scanning a QR code, after which you confirm the transaction with an mPIN code (or a TouchID if you have a suitable iPhone) in the K&H mobilbank.

  • Watch the „how to” videos about the usage of the mobil-token!

how do I log in with a mobile token?

To enter e-bank using the mobil-token built into the activated mobilbank app, choose the ‘enter K&H e-bank’ function, then select the ‘log in with mobil-token’ option on the e-bank login screen on your computer and scan the colour code displayed with your phone. To confirm enter the mPIN code of your mobile phone or, if you are using a TouchID-enabled iPhone, your TouchID.

how do I get a mobile token?

To log on to the e-bank and sign orders with your smart phone, you need the K&H mobilbank service. You can download the required mobile bank app from a web store (App Store, Google Play), when the mobil-token identifier will also download. After you have downloaded and activated the app in a few simple steps, the ‘enter e-bank’ option will appear on the mobilbank login screen.

  • Watch the „how to” videos about the mobilbank acitvation!
  • Watch the „how to” videos about the usage of the mobil-token!

what is an mPIN code?

An mPIN code is your unique identifier for when you log in to the mobilbank and sign orders there. The mPIN code is a sequence of 5 to 12 numbers that you choose when you activate the mobilbank app. You may change your mPIN code in the ‘settings’ option of the app at any time, or, if you have a TouchID-enabled iPhone, you may also set a TouchID instead of an mPIN code.

what do I do if I cannot scan the colour code when I log in?

Check that the camera of your smartphone is intact and operable. If your phone will not scan the colour code satisfactorily which may occur with devices lower performance , we suggest that you choose a chip card for identification, which also provides enhanced security.

what do I do if I entered the wrong mPIN code?

If you enter a wrong mPIN code logging in or signing a transaction, you can try again. After several failed attempts the mobil-token will be disabled for 24 hours. In this case you must delete the mobil-token on your phone either in the ‘settings’ option of your mobile bank app, or in the ’settings/device management’ option in the e-bank, or via K&H TeleCenter / K&H Cégvonal, and then re-activate the app.

what do I do if TouchID does not work on my phone?

Check in the ‘settings’ option of your iPhone whether your fingerprint has been enrolled. If not, please enrol your fingerprint, which can then also be used in the mobilbank app.

what do I do if I forget my mPIN code?

If you have forgotten your mPIN code, delete the mobil-token on your phone either in the ‘settings’ menu of your mobilbank app, or in the ’settings/device management’ option in the e-bank, or via K&H TeleCenter / K&H Cégvonal. Then you need to activate the app again, with a new mPIN code.

How do I log in with mobile?

K&H mobilbank login screen
choose ’enter e-bank’ function
scan QR code
enter mPIN or enroll TouchID
To log in to the e-bank using identification by SMS you need your user name and your password, which you specify when you log in for the first time. We will then send a single-use code by SMS for entry into the e-bank.

how do I log in for the first time?

When you first log in to the K&H e-bank, you must enter your K&H eID and ePIN code. You can then choose a user name and a password for subsequent use.

what are K&H eID and e-PIN? where can I find them? what should I do if I want to change or replace?

Your K&H eID is your unique ID for the use of electronic services. You will receive your K&H eID and the matching e-PIN code at the branch when you sign the agreement to use electronic services.

Your K&H eID is shown on your account statement. To obtain a new K&H eID and e-PIN free of charge, please apply for them at a K&H branch.

what do I do if my password is disabled?

Click on the ‘I forgot my password’ button on the login page of e-bank to get a new password, which you can then use immediately.

how can I switch to a more secure identification tool?

You can identify yourself in the K&H e-bank with mobile token also. 

If you would like to use a mobile token, just use the ‘enter e-bank’ function of the K&H mobile banking app.

how push notification or SMS signing process works?

You can sign with push notification or SMS authentication bankcard limit modifications, and any changes to personal data (e.g. address) one by one.

You can only use push notification or SMS authentication to sign up to eight (8) financial transactions (e.g. bank transfer) at any one time.

Push notification/SMS authentication messages include the following data:

  • the transaction type code (can be verified on the Sign transactions screen in e-bank),
  • the number of the beneficiary account,
  • the transaction amount, and
  • the currency of the transaction.

In case of batch transfers you can use push notification or SMS authentication up to eight (8) different beneficiaries included in any one batch. Batch transfers too will have to be signed one at a time. Should you wish to import transactions, please note that any upload file may contain up to forty (40) transfers, but you can sign with push notification or SMS authentication only eight of them at any one time.

This material does not constitute an offer; it is intended merely for information. The Bank reserves the right to change the conditions. A detailed description of the product and its terms and conditions can be found in the relevant client contract, in K&H Bank’s General Terms and Conditions, the General Contracting Terms and Conditions for banking services requiring electronic identification, in the announcement on the bank accounts, deposit accounts, term deposits and cash transactions, which can be viewed in our bank branches and on the www.kh.hu website.