K&H e-bank FAQ

questions and answers

what to use K&H e-bank?

You can use to get detailed  information about your accounts, debit cards, you can start different type of orders, or view your own savings, investments. Through K&H e-bank you can modify your K&H e-bank settings, apply or denied K&H mobil bank, K&H mobilinfo, you can set different identifications to access K&H e-bank.

how can I select a different means of identification for using the e-bank?

You can use K&H e-bank with your choice of identification method: text message or mobil-token.

Daily limits for identification devices:  you can view the actuall fees and charges
If you wish to use a mobil-token, all you need to do is select the “e-bank login” function in the K&H mobilbank application. In case of foreign phone number registration contact your phone service provider for identification protocol of SIM card replacement. Please note that if the provider do not use strong enough authentication (strong authentication eg.: personal authentication, electronic signature) the risk of phising increases.

what is the K&H eID and the e-PIN code? Where can I find them if I have forgotten them? What should I do if I need to change or replace them?

The K&H eID is your unique ID for accessing electronic services. You will need it when you use K&H e-bank or K&H mobilbank and, for certain transactions, the K&H TeleCenter. You will receive your K&H eID and the associated e-PIN code in our branch when you sign your contract for electronic services. No matter which services you plan to use, you will need only one K&H eID. If you wish to add a new electronic service to one you already use, you will need your K&H eID to do so, which is why we recommend that you always keep it at hand when you transact with the bank. You will find your K&H eID in your account statement.  A K&H eID and the ePIN code may only be replaced in our branches.  If you need to do so, please visit any of our branches to request a new one free of charge.

what is mobil-token?

The mobil-token is a software solution for identification, incorporated into our K&H mobilbank service. It gives you a high level of security and simple and fast access to log in to K&H e-bank and confirm transactions there. To use the mobil-token, you will need the K&H mobilbank application. It is very simple to use: to log in, you take a picture of the coloured code displayed in the screen, then, to sign a transaction, you snap a QR code. After this, all you need to do is confirm the transaction in K&H mobilbank with your mPIN code (or, if you have a suitable smartphone, with your TouchID).

what can I do if I would like to access my bank account from my mobile phone too?

You will find all the main K&H e-bank functions in the K&H mobilbank application, so that you can manage your urgent day-to-day finances just by using your smartphone.

Find out more about the K&H mobilbank application!

which client open when I login, and when I need to change client?

If you have K&H retail e-bank at the first time when you login this is the default. In case you have co-owner or K&H corporate e-bank you can switch between them. You have an opportunity to switch the default client, so the next login automaticly show the default client K&H e-bank details.

how can I set the default client?

In case you have multiple clients, you can chosse which is the default in the K&H e-bank settings menu top of the surface and then in the left side menu choose the set the default clinent menu. Next login to the e-bank the system will automatically display the details of this client.

can the co-owner use the K&H e-bank service?

Yes, the co-owner can use e-bank services (but the owner make limitations that affects of the avaliable services).

which services avaliable for the co-owner?

The same services that the owner, except account statements.

can I sign more than one transaction with SMS password?

Yes you can sign multiple transactions with SMS password, so you don't need to type new SMS password for every order. The system if the orders type allow multiple added orders.

which kind of transactions let to register payee?

You can register new payee from the HUF payment, yellow postal cheque payment, FX payment, mobie phone top-up. At the K&H corporate e-bank you can register new payee from the postal payment order, group transfer.

is there a possibility to register often used accounts as a payee?

Yes you can save new payee during transaction with the add payee radio button, or in the transactions/partners menu you can check all of the registered payees with detailed informations and if you want you can modify or delete it.

what happens with the applied but not signed transactions?

The applied transactions automaticly stored in transactions/transaction status/financial or administrative/signable and in the top menu. The transactions stay there when you signed or delete. If you escape the K&H e-bank with unsigned transactions the system save them and next time when you login you can sign. You pay attention that the earlier applied transaction value date maybe outdated in that case you have to modify the date. If your previus transaction not due you can deleted.

have it any fee to use K&H e-bank?

You can find the currrent announcements our website where you can view the actuall fees and charges. The electronically specyfied orders are better through rate, than personally at our bank branches.

how can I register a payee for my investment account?

Transaction from investment account request a previosly registered investment payee.

is there a possibility to add multiple accounts to one payee?

Yes, you can add multiple accounts to one payee, so you can save these account numbers under the name of payee if you want to transfer them to different accounts. When registering orders, you can also name the accounts for easy retrieval of the appropriate account number, so you can save the different accounts associated with a partner with the appropriate name.

why can't I use SMS for signing transactions?

If you do not have SMS identification enabled. You can enable SMS identification in settings/login/sms login settings.

I can't find answer for my question what should I do?

Please look through the K&H e-bank user manual, or K&H corporate e-bank user manual  where you can find how to work all of the functions.