K&H retail e-bank

bank with us on-line so you need not spend more time with your day-to-day finances than absolutely necessary

  • avoid queuing at the post office to send a payment
  • your domestic HUF payment will reach the beneficiary’s account faster
  • no need for a keyboard, as the mobile token enables secure access with your smartphone

Details details

  • view and download your electronic account statements free of charge

  • send HUF and currency payments at attractive rates

  • add frequently used bank accounts as partners

  • with the push of a button, create a new payment order from the details of an earlier payment

  • check your credit card balance and make the next repayment

  • monitor your bank card and credit card transactions

  • modify your daily card limit in advance when you plan a major purchase

  • confirm a number of transactions with one signature

administration on-line

  • request, activate a bank card

  • open a savings account, manage savings, monitor your savings goals, transact with securities

  • request K&H mobilinfo and K&H credit card mobilinfo 

  • manage or block identification devices (chip card, mobile token)

  • mobile phone top-up

  • apply for insurance or report a claim

how to apply

You can apply for K&H e-bank at any of our branches if you already have a K&H myID necessary for accessing electronic services.

usage and identification methods

You can access K&H e-bank with the identification method of your choice. When signing your e-bank contract, select whether you wish to be identified by mobile token, text message or chip card.

identification device text message mobile token chip card
daily transfer limit (HUF) 10 million none (limitless) none (limiltless)

use with mobile token

The mobile token built into the K&H mobilbank application lets you log in to e-bank and sign transactions with high security yet simply and fast, using just your smartphone and no keyboard. To log in, take a picture of the coloured code displayed in the e-bank screen and then snap the QR code to sign the transaction, after which you will need to confirm the transaction with your mPIN code in the mobilbank application (or use a Touch ID if you have the right device).

use with a text message

All you will need for logging in and confirming transactions is your mobile phone. The primary password received by text message when you log in and the secondary password received when you are about to confirm a transaction will ensure security.

use with a chip card

To log in and sign transactions, we will give you a chip card, a chip card reader and a PIN code, which you can request in our branches. In combination, they will guarantee a high level of security.

security information

  • for your own security, please protect your computer with a firewall and antivirus software, which you should update regularly

  • make sure that unauthorised persons cannot access your IDs and password

  • when you have finished using the e-bank, use the log off button instead of merely closing your browser

  • if you can, avoid using the e-bank on a public network or a shared computer

read more about safe and secure use here.


announcement on the bank accounts, deposit accounts, term deposits and cash transacitons of private individual customers
general contracting terms and conditions for banking services requering electronic identification

what is the K&H myID and the e-PIN code? Where can I find them if I have forgotten them? What should I do if I need to change or replace them?

The K&H myID is your unique ID for accessing electronic services. 

You will need it when you use K&H e-bank or K&H mobilbank and, for certain transactions, the K&H TeleCenter. You will receive your K&H myID and the associated e-PIN code in our branch when you sign your contract for electronic services.

No matter which services you plan to use, you will need only one K&H myID. If you wish to add a new electronic service to one you already use, you will need your K&H myID to do so, which is why we recommend that you always keep it at hand when you transact with the bank.

You will find your K&H myID in your account statement.  A K&H myID and the e-PIN code may only be replaced in our branches.  If you need to do so, please visit any of our branches to request a new one free of charge. 

what is a mobile token?

The mobile token is a software solution for identification, incorporated into our K&H mobilbank service. It gives you a high level of security and simple and fast access to log in to K&H e-bank and confirm transactions there. To use the mobile token, you will need the K&H mobilbank application. It is very simple to use: to log in, you take a picture of the coloured code displayed in the screen, then, to sign a transaction, you snap a QR code. After this, all you need to do is confirm the transaction in K&H mobilbank with your mPIN code (or, if you have a suitable smartphone, with your TouchID).

what do I need to do when I want to log in to K&H e-bank for the first time?

first login to K&H e-bank with a mobile token

To log in with a mobile token, you will need to download (from App Store or Google Play) and activate the K&H mobilbank application. If you have not yet activated your mobilbank application, you will need to activate the mobile token, which you can do with a few clicks on your smartphone connected to the internet.

To log in to the e-bank with your mobile token built into your activated mobilbank application, you need to select the “e-bank log in” function in the mobilbank login screen. At the same time, select the “log in with mobile token” menu item in the e-bank log in screen on the your computer, then snap with your phone the coloured code displayed in the screen. You will need to confirm the login with the mPIN code of your mobile phone or with the TouchID if you use an iPhone.

first login with a chip card

Before using them for the first time, you will need to install the chip card reader and the chip card on the computer you plan to use for accessing the e-bank.

first login with a text message

When you want to use K&H e-bank for the first time, use your K&H myID and the ePIN code you selected in the branch. Then you can choose any user name and password to use the second time you log in.

how can I select a different means of identification for using the e-bank?

You can use K&H e-bank with your choice of identification method: text message, chip card or mobile token.

daily limits for identification devices

identification device

text message

mobile token

chip card

daily transfer limit (HUF)

10 million

none (limitless)

none (limitless)

If you wish to switch to chip card identification, please visit any of our branches to pick up the chip card reader and the chip card!

If you wish to use a mobile token, all you need to do is select the “e-bank login” function in the K&H mobilbank application.

what should I do to have my chip card or mobile token blocked?

If you have lost your chip card or it has been stolen, please call the K&H TeleCenter, where they will block the chip card right away and issue you with a new one. 

You can cancel a mobile token under “settings” in K&H mobilbank, in the “settings/manage identification devices” in K&H e-bank, or you can call the K&H TeleCenter to request cancellation.  Once you have cancelled your mobile token, you will not be able to access the K&H mobilbank functions requiring a login and you will not be able to log in to the e-bank and sign transactions there.

You can activate a new mobile token in “settings” in K&H e-bank. If you wish to use your mobile token on a new phone, then download the K&H mobilbank application and activate it on your phone

what can I do if my chip card has expired?

E-bank chip cards are valid for three years. In the month before expiry, we will send you a text message to remind you that your chip card is soon due for replacement. You can use a chip card until midnight on the last day of the month of expiry. You can collect your new chip card in your home branch at any time during the month of expiry.

Please note that we can send you a text message only if we have your mobile number on record. Please call the K&H TeleCenter if there is a change in your details.

what can I do if I would like to access my bank account from my mobile phone too?

You will find all the main K&H e-bank functions in the K&H mobilbank application, so that you can manage your urgent day-to-day finances just by using your smartphone.

find out more about the K&H mobilbank application!

This advertisement does not constitute an offer. The Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. A detailed description and the conditions of the product can be found in the relevant contract, the General Contractual Terms and Conditions, K&H Bank’s Terms and Conditions and the current announcement, which can be viewed in our bank branches and at the www.kh.hu website.