K&H Pension Savings Account

  • a long-term investment supported by the State
  • the yield on investments placed is not subject to exchange rate earnings, interest tax or social contribution tax
K&H Pension Savings Account



you can regularly top up the value of your investment; you can set the frequency of top-ups based on your individual life situation

minimum sum to be deposited to the account when opened

5 000 HUF

tax-free access to savings

  • For pension savings accounts opened before December 31, 2012: if you are already entitled to pension, and terminate your account in the 3rd year after the date of account opening or after
  • For pension savings accounts opened after January 1, 2013 it is subject to the verification of pension entitlement; in the 10th year after opening the account or after


the safety of these savings is ensured by the Investor Protection Fund (BEVA)

  • you will be entitled to a tax allowance of 20% in respect of the sums you have paid individually, capped at 100 000 HUF

  • for those reaching retirement age before January 1, 2020, the value of tax concession is capped at 130 000 HUF

  • whenever a sum is paid in, the first transaction completed after the payment is free of charge, up to the value of the sum paid in

  • beyond the possibilities offered by the pillars of the Hungarian pension system, it offers an additional form of long-term savings

  • you may deposit investment units, Government bonds, shares and bonds (jointly: securities) resulting from the execution of transactions ordered against the balance of the sums paid in

  • you may deposit HUF savings only to the account

  • each private individual may only have one valid pension savings account 


general terms and conditions for investment and complementary investment services provided by K&H bank
announcement on investment services and securities

We draw your attention to the consumer protection website of Financial Navigator Advisory of the National Bank of Hungary where you can find useful product descriptions and various applications for comparison (loan calculator, budget calculator for households).

This material is a marketing document and it does not constitute an offer. The Bank reserves the right to modify conditions. A detailed description of the products and services and their terms and conditions can be found in the Announcement on Investment Services and Securities Transactions and K&H Bank Zrt.’s General Terms and Conditions covering K&H Bank Zrt.’s investment and supplementary services, which may be viewed in our bank branches or at www.kh.hu. TK&H Bank is a member of the Budapest Stock Exchange, its operating licence numbers correspond to the following rulings issued by the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (PSZÁF, (and its legal predecessor): Nos. 41.064/1998., III/41.064-3/2001., III/41.064-11/2002. and III/41.064-16/2003