K&H safe deposit box rental service

Discreet and safe storage of your valuables

  • Flexibility: you can make an appointment to access your safe deposit box
  • Safe deposits boxes are readily accessible during the opening hours of our branches
  • You can choose from three sizes depending on your needs


The K&H safe deposit rental service is not available for the new retail clients from 18 August 2021.

  • You can store your valuables in a highly protected safety deposit box in a highly secure and safe room.
  • Full discretion is guaranteed.
  • Our safety deposit boxes come in three sizes so they will accommodate anything from small valuables to larger objects of art.

To find the contact details of branches offering this service, use the advanced search option within “branch search” on kh.hu.

adjusted to your needs

  • convenient and safe storage of valuables
  • flexible rental term
  • preferential rates depending on the upper limit of indemnification and the size of the safety deposit box
  • safety deposit boxes are accessible throughout the opening hours of branches

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