K&H web Electra login

  browser version authentication device operating system
Windows 7+ Macintosh 10.6+
web Electra Mozilla Firefox 53+ VICA, USB token (to query) supported not supported
Google Chrome 62.0+ VICA, USB token (to query) supported not supported
Internet Explorer 11+ VICA, USB token (to query) not supported
after 30th June 2021
Safari Windows version VICA, USB token (to query) not supported not supported
Electra (installed)     USB token supported not supported
VICA supported not supported

Important information:

  • LINUX operating system is not supported                    
  • Re-installation of Token manager needed after operating system upgrade                    


  • supported: Electra functionalities are tested and verified in the specific environment
  • not supported: Electra functionalities are not tested and not verified in the specific environment

what is a token?

A chip card with a USB plug, which allows you to log in to the Electra. Your USB token is a secure two-factor authentication tool relying on PKI (public key infrastructure) standards and authentication and identification procedures based on PKI encryption methods.

how to get your token

Collect your token at the K&H branch where you conclude a new Electra contract or add a new user.

how to install your token

You will need to have system administrator rights on your computer to install a token. The operating system will determine the software you need to install it. Our guidelines will help you find the required program, and we will lead you through the installation process step-by-step. Click here!

lost or forgotten PIN code

If you repeatedly enter the wrong PIN when logging in or signing a transaction, the device will be automatically blocked. To unblock it, please call K&H Corporate Customer Service.

expired tokens

For your security, the token certificate expires every four years.

Until the expiry date, the device will work normally. The token then cannot be used to log in or to sign a transaction until the certificate is renewed.

How can I log in with token?

fa fa-download
install driver
plug in token
change default PIN

installation guide to use K&H web Electra

please choose the settings of your computer from the dropdown list 

what is VICA? 

Description of the ViCA registration process and signing orders can be found on the https://www.kh.hu/vicaeng website.

how we protect your online security?

  • we process the data of K&H Electra in one of Europe’s most modern and safest data center

  • we build our security system based on continuously monitored probable penetrations and the attacks aiming the network

  • we work closely with members of KBC Bank and other banks’ IT security departments, so we receive information about emerging cyber threats at first hand. Thereby, we can track and intervene to threats that are just spreading.

  • we are prepared for an occasional network outage with regularly tested recovery plan and switching option

  • we have introduced authentication devices with the highest security standards

  • we automatically log you out from web Electra if you were inactive for 5 minutes, so the connection won’t be active to avoid any cyber fraud by a 3rd party

  • we require to use an authentication device – either token or ViCA- both for logging in and signing transactions

  • we make sure of the safety of our developments before the release with examinations, searching for vulnerabilities

things we never do in any circumstances

  • we never ask you to log in to Electra through a link sent in an e-mail

  • we never ask you to e-mail us your PIN code or token password

  • we never send e-mail stating that we immediately close your account, unless you give your personal identification information

  • we never call you and ask to send money to a given account

Please tell us at our Customer Service if you experience any of these events above. The more feedbacks we receive and more details we know, the more effectively we can react for the given problem and protect the most important: our clients’ interests and values. 

what can you do to enhance your online security?

  • protect your computer’s safety with up to date antivirus software and firewall. Install the security updates of your operation system regularly.

  • download applications only from the official app store to your mobile devices.

  • install operating systems to your computer only from trusted sources.

  • define strong passwords for your authentication device. Safe passwords contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

  • never store the password next to the given device

  • don’t use the same password in different systems

  • be cautious with opening links and attachments from e-mails. Especially e-mails from unknown senders can contain harmful attachments.

  • log out from Electra system if you do not use it

  • other users should not use your computer for logging in and signing transactions         

  • do not log in to the Electra Internet Banking system from public or un-encrypted WiFi networks.

  • never modify payment orders based on information received in e-mail or text. Always contact with the beneficiary of the order regarding any change in the account number and request confirmation of the modification.

received suspicious e-mail in the name of K&H?

Do not click on the link or open the attachment. Forward the e-mail to informationsecurity@kh.hu, in order to get informed about these event and take the necessary steps.

If you have experienced fraud or a cyber security attack, please call K&H Corporate Customer Service at +36 1 468 7777 to immediately disable your authentication device.

* Please note that you cannot access all the functions/operations in the demo version. 

The present information does not qualify as an offer. The Bank reserves the right to modify conditions. For a detailed product description and conditions, please consult the client contract, the General Contract Terms and Conditions of payment and deposit services offered to corporate customers, the General Contract Terms and Conditions of electronically identified banking services, the General Contract Terms and Conditions of Electra and the current Announcement for corporate customers.