legal declaration

Please read the following text carefully as by entering the website of K&H Bank Zrt. (hereinafter: ‘Bank’) at or any sub-page thereof (hereinafter: ‘Website’) or by using any e-mail address of the Bank indicated on the Website you accept the conditions listed below, and acknowledge their binding nature. If you do not agree with these conditions, please do not enter our Websites. 

  1. The Bank assumes no liability for any damages incurred in connection with the Website or arising from its usage, unusability, inadequate operation, fault, line or system error, any virus on the Website, unauthorised data modification by any party or any other reason of similar nature. 

  2. As the names, expressions, logos, images, graphics, ideas, data and information on the Website are trademarks or protected by copyright, their unauthorised usage is prohibited by law. 

  3. The Website contains information on services provided by members of the K&H Group. E-mails sent to the address go into the joint e-mail account of the K&H Group. This joint e-mail account is managed by appointed staff of K&H Bank, who forward your mail to the relevant member of the Group. Any personal data as well as bank, insurance or other secrets contained in your e-mail shall be handled confidentially. 

  4. The ownership of any information, idea or concept sent to the Bank via the Website or any e-mail address indicated on the Website shall be transferred to the Bank and may, from that time on, be used by the Bank at its discretion.

  5. You may visit the Website without providing any personal information and learn about the Bank’s products and services. If you provide any personal data (e.g. your name, address, e-mail address, phone or fax number) through the Website or send it to an e-mail address indicated on the Website, you agree that the Bank may handle such data and use it for marketing or risk analysis purposes; and you authorise the Bank to forward your details to companies in the Bank’s sphere of interest (the K&H Group members listed on the Website). The provision of personal data in the above manner is voluntary. Upon your request the Bank shall disclose the data it handles about you, and you can request the correction or deletion of your data at any time.

  6. Please note that the Bank does not ask for any personal identification codes (e.g. PIN, TPIN) or bank card data on the Website. The Bank assumes no liability for any damage resulting from the disclosure of such data. 

  7. The Bank uses so-called cookies in order to provide better services and appropriately manage security and data protection risks. A cookie is a small collection of data that the Website stores in, and can subsequently read from, your computer’s browser software. A cookie cannot be read by any other Website but the one that has placed it in the browser. The Bank uses cookies for administrative purposes, such as measuring the number of visitors to the Website. No cookie contains personal information that would allow someone to contact you by e-mail, phone or conventional mail. Your web browser can be set up to send a message about the location of cookies or to prevent the insertion of cookies. 

  8. The usage of measurement codes from third parties (web beacons): we use measurement codes (web beacons) from Google Analytics to analyse users’ behaviour while they browse our Website. Anonymous information collected from our Website and other sites may also be used by Google for the development of its products and services, and to display advertisements that are relevant to you. 

  9.  Data handling related to Google advertisements  

We use cookies on our Website that allow Google’s advertising system to display our adverts for you when you visit sites that are part of Google’s advertising network. From this system we receive no information at all about the Websites you have visited; we only use it to increase the likelihood that visitors to the Website subsequently see K&H’s advertisements. If you wish you can bar the usage of Google cookies by adjusting your advertising settings.

e-mail policy

Please note that forwarding information by fax or e-mail can be risky because such information – including data that constitute business, bank or insurance secrets – may also be disclosed to unauthorised third parties. 

The K&H Group only forwards information through such unsecure channels based on an agreement with the relevant client, without assuming any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of data transmission or for any delay in or interruption of data transmission, and without assuming liability for any damages arising from the usage of such information by unauthorised persons, unless such damages were caused by an error on the part of the K&H Group member sending the information. Any e-mail message sent by or addressed to any K&H Group member shall be deemed as an official message. Consequently, the person sending such a message to the K&H Group or receiving such a message acknowledges and agrees that, as part of the work processes of the K&H Group, the message may be accessed by other employees as well. 

If you do not wish to receive further information from the K&H Group by e-mail or fax, please indicate this to the organisational unit that you are in contact with. 

The information in a fax or e-mail message is confidential and legally protected. If you receive a message through these channels that is not addressed to you, you must not disclose, publish, reproduce or copy the information contained therein, or use or distribute it in any other manner. If you erroneously receive a fax or e-mail message not addressed to you, please immediately notify the K&H Group on the fax number +36 1 328 9696 or by e-mail ( and delete / destroy the message.