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This website contains information on the services provided by the various members of the K&H Group. The members of the K&H Group can be reached at

You may visit this website without providing any personal details. If you do provide personal details (e.g. name, address, e-mail, telephone number, fax number) on any of its pages, in any of its functions or in any message sent via a channel specified herein, the recipient K&H Group member will process your data as explained in advance. General information on data processing by the members of the K&H Group is available in the documents available at

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The names, logos, pictures, graphic art, ideas, data and information appearing on the website are protected by trademark protection or copyright. Their unauthorised use constitutes a violation of law.

The domain name of the website is owned by K&H Bank Zrt.

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The members of the K&H Group will accept no liability for any damage originating from the use of the website, its state unfit for use, inadequate operation or breakdown; from line or system faults; computer viruses; unauthorised changes made to data; or any other similar causes.

Technical information on the use of the website, in particular the operating systems on which the website will function optimally, can be found at

The ‘lock’ icon appearing next to the name of K&H Bank Zrt. in the search bar or the name of K&H Bank Zrt. as the owner of the website, appearing in the pop-up window by clicking on ‘lock’ icon, may help you to make sure that the website is safe to use as it shows that you are using a properly encrypted channel and an official platform of the K&H Group.

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K&H safe website

Please note that K&H Group members do not require visitors of this website to provide any personal identification codes (e.g. PIN, e-PIN) or bank card data here, except for visitors accessing banking services of e-login menu in the website.

K&H Group members never ask clients to identify themselves in e-mail, either. If you receive such a message, please contact the K&H Group member in question even if the message in question appears to be undoubtedly genuine. For security reasons please only access K&H e-bank from or from the following official address of the K&H e-bank service:

Never access K&H e-bank from an e-mail by clicking on a link therein as K&H Bank never asks its clients to do so. Such e-mails are suspect and may be a sign of abuse so please never disclose your details in this way. 

contact details and central e-mail address of the K&H Group

The K&H Group publishes its contact details at

The central e-mail address of K&H Group is

Any emails sent to will reach the common electronic mailbox of K&H Group, which is managed by dedicated employees of K&H Bank Zrt., who will forward your letter to the group member in question.

e-mail policy

Please note that forwarding information by fax or e-mail can be risky because such information – including data that constitute business, bank or insurance secrets – may also be disclosed to unauthorised third parties. 

The K&H Group only forwards information through such unsecure channels based on an agreement with the relevant client, without assuming any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of data transmission or for any delay in or interruption of data transmission, and without assuming liability for any damages arising from the usage of such information by unauthorised persons, unless such damages were caused by an error on the part of the K&H Group member sending the information. Any e-mail message sent by or addressed to any K&H Group member shall be deemed as an official message. Consequently, the person sending such a message to the K&H Group or receiving such a message acknowledges and agrees that, as part of the work processes of the K&H Group, the message may be accessed by other employees as well. 

If you do not wish to receive further information from the K&H Group by e-mail or fax, please indicate this to the organisational unit that you are in contact with. 

The information in a fax or e-mail message is confidential and legally protected. If you receive a message through these channels that is not addressed to you, you must not disclose, publish, reproduce or copy the information contained therein, or use or distribute it in any other manner. If you erroneously receive a fax or e-mail message not addressed to you, please immediately notify the K&H Group on the fax number +36 1 328 9696 or by e-mail ( and delete / destroy the message.

cookies policy

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The cookies policy of K&H Group is available at