K&H electronic mailbox login

To log in to the electronic mailbox using identification by SMS you need your user name and your password, which you specify when you log in to the electronic mailbox for the first time. We will then send a single-use code by SMS for entry into the electronic mailbox.

how do I log in to the electronic mailbox for the first time?

When you first log in to the electronic mailbox, you must enter your K&H eID and ePIN code. You can then choose a user name and a password for subsequent use.

what are K&H eID and e-PIN code? where can I find them if I forget them? what do I need to do if I want to change or replace them?

Your K&H eID is your unique ID for the use of electronic services. You will receive your K&H eID and the matching e-PIN code at the branch when you sign the agreement to use electronic services. Your K&H eID is shown on your account statement. To obtain a new K&H eID and e-PIN free of charge, please apply for them at a K&H branch.

what do I do if I enter the wrong user name or password?

If you have entered a wrong user name or password, click on the ‘I forgot my password’ button on the electronic mailbox login page to get a new password, which you can then use immediately.