K&H FCY term deposit

If you want to have sure-fire savings in a foreign currency – in USD, GBP or CAD

  • you can set the tenor
K&H FCY term deposit

Details details

minimal value of term deposit

500 USD, 300 GBP, 600 CAD

a flexible choice of terms

30, 60, 90, 180 270 or 365 day


fixed interest rate all through the term

  • one-off or renewing term deposits
  • the deposit can be set up in our branches, using money from a retail FCY account
  • it should also be accessible via K&H TeleCenter or e-bank

You can find it in Annex 5 of the FCY Interest Rate Announcement pertaining to the bank accounts, deposit accounts, term deposits and till transactions of natural persons.


general contracting terms and conditions for bank account, deposit account and term deposit products
announcement on the bank accounts, deposit accounts, term deposits and cash transacitons of private individual customers
foreign exchange interest rate announcement
general tems and conditions

We draw your attention to the consumer protection website of the where Financial Consumer Protection Centre of the National Bank of Hungary you can find useful product descriptions and various applications for comparison (loan calculator, budget calculator for households).
The present information is a marketing communication and it does not qualify as an offer, it is intended merely to attract attention.  A detailed description of the products and services, their terms and conditions and further details can be found in the General Contracting Terms and Conditions applicable to bank accounts, deposit accounts and term deposit products offered to resident and non-resident natural persons; the General Terms and Conditions on Investment Services, the Announcement on the Bank Accounts, Deposit Accounts, Term Deposits and Cash Payment Transactions of Natural Persons, as well as K&H Bank’s General Terms and Conditions, which may be viewed in our bank branches or at www.kh.hu. The Bank reserves the right to modify conditions.