K&H overdraft facility

a credit line for your daily, unexpected expenses! It allows you to increase the balance of your bank account up to the limit of the overdraft facility

  • the requested overdraft facility is available for you any time, you decide whether you use it or not
  • APR: 27.5%
  • with your K&H bank card, you may access your available credit line any time, even during the weekend

how to start?

open a K&H current account
get your salary transferred to the account
get information and set an appointment at a K&H branch
collect the application documents
visit the branch


key information  

  • term: 1 year, which may be automatically extended after a review

  • credit line amount: minimum HUF 100 thousand, maximum HUF 500 thousand

  • repayment: no regular monthly repayment obligation, any payments and credits to your bank account will automatically replenish your credit line

  • APR: 27.5%

  • collateral: regular monthly payments credited to your bank account

You may view the details pertaining to interest rates and the terms and conditions in the Announcement on the K&H Forint overdraft facility.

Representative example: According to the provisions of Government Decree No. 83/2010. (III.25.) the credit line amount (amount of the credit facility) is HUF 375 thousand, with a 1-year term; the credit line is fully drawn on the first day of the term and is repaid in a lump sum on the last day of the term; the transactional interest and the monthly account management fee of the K&H Retail Bank Account are payable at the end of every calendar month.  The credit line’s interest rate and type: 22% p.a., variable. Commitment fee: 0%. Monthly account management fee: HUF 786.
Based on the above example, an account management fee of HUF 786 and interest of HUF 6 875 - as repayment instalment - are payable each month; the HUF 375 thousand credit line amount is additionally payable in a lump sum upon expiration of the overdraft facility. The commitment fee is HUF 0. The APR is 27.5%. The sum of the fees included in the APR is HUF 9 432 and the total repayable amount is HUF 466 932. 

who is it recommended for?

  • private individuals over 18 years of age who are Hungarian residents and have a permanent residence in Hungary

  • have at least 3 months of active account management history

  • and have regular incoming transfers of at least HUF 150 thousand per month to their bank account 

how much credit line can I apply for?

if you have a K&H retail bank account and you receive income to that account, you can apply for a credit line equalling:

  • after 3 months of account management: 100% of the monthly average of your income credited to your account during the last 3 months; minimum HUF 100 thousand and maximum HUF 500 thousand, or

  • after 6 months of account management: 200% of the monthly average of your income/pension credited to your account during the last 6 months; maximum HUF 500 thousand

if you have had a bank account with another bank for at least 3 months with an overdraft facility linked to that account, and you now open a K&H bank account, you can apply for a credit line equalling:

  • 100% of the previous credit line or 100% of the monthly average of regular credits received during the last 3 months on the bank account managed by your previous bank, whichever is higher; minimum HUF 100 thousand and maximum HUF 500 thousand

  • after 3 months following the opening of the K&H bank account (that is, after three credits made to the account), 200% of the monthly average of your salary (or pension payment) received during the last 3 months on the account managed by K&H Bank; maximum HUF 500 thousand.

you may apply for 100 % of the credit line made available at your previous bank if

  • you have at least 3 months of active account management history at any other bank and you are able to certify this,

  • and you wish to bring your bank account kept with another bank to K&H Bank

what documents do I need for the application?

  • Identification document + address card (a valid personal identification document (ID card, passport, plastic driver’s licence) and a document certifying your address)

  • Pensioner ID

  • Tax card / Tax ID

  • Employer’s income certification

  • Tax Authority certification (income certification)

  • Last month’s public utility bill and the related payment certification (if the bill is paid from a current account, then the last month’s bank account statement instead of the slip certifying payment)

  • Bank account statements for the last 2 months (if the applicant is a pensioner)

  • Bank account statements for the last 3 months

  • Pension payment slip (for the last 2 months)

general contracting terms and conditions

 general contractual terms and conditions of retail loans
General Tems and Conditions

We draw your attention to the consumer protection website of Financial Navigator Advisory of the National Bank of Hungary where you can find useful product descriptions and various applications for comparison (loan calculator, budget calculator for households).

This material does not constitute an offer. The Bank reserves the right to change the aforementioned terms and conditions. A detailed description of the products and its terms and conditions can be found in the relevant contract, the General Contracting Terms and Conditions, K&H Bank’s General Terms and Conditions and the current announcement which can be viewed in our bank branches and at the www.kh.hu website. The value of the APR indicated herein has been determined in line with our effective announcement.