open-ended investment funds

Build a flexible portfolio. In K&H’s offer you will always find the investment funds that best fit your goals, return expectations and risk appetite.

  • a broad range of products
  • exciting investment stories
  • professional management, transparent operation
open-ended investment funds

As part of portfolio building, we manage your investments in line with your personal financial goals and risk appetite. At K&H, we aim to offer a fitting financial solution to all age groups in all life situations by building a flexible and diverse portfolio.

To achieve this goal, please, take note of our K&H investment funds, which

  • can offer a solution in a variety of life situations (e.g. for creating a security buffer, or preparing for unexpected expenditures or specific future plans);
  • allow you to find those that have the best fit with your yield expectations and risk appetite (from defensive money market funds to the most daring equity funds);
  • are available starting from a few months investment horizon, stretching to multi-year products optimised to match the term of the K&H long-term investment account

Thanks to our diverse investment fund product range, it is possible to create tailor-made portfolios, supported by our expert colleagues.

what are investment funds?

investment funds represent a collective form of investment, where

  • Fund Management pre-announces the fund’s goal, investment policy and conditions of operation
  • investors may join the fund by purchasing investment units
  • their money will be added to the pool created by the rest of the investors, to be managed by Fund Management along standard principles
  • investors share in the fund’s assets/return in proportion to the investment units they hold

types of investment funds

Open-ended funds – here investors can purchase or redeem investment units at any time.

we can distinguish the following key types, depending on the investment policy followed:

  • money market funds - the portfolio primarily holds short-term deposits with tenors of just a few months, short-term Government bonds and other money market products
  • bond funds – consist of Government bonds and corporate bonds
  • equity funds – hold shares primarily
  • balanced funds: they can contain a mixture of Government bonds, corporate bonds and shares. They represent a diverse portfolio in themselves.

Closed-end funds – here, funds have a maturity, and investment units may not be redeemed before the maturity date. Instead, investors can buy or sell investment units on the secondary market (Stock Exchange).

With closed-end funds we can share in some exciting and relevant investment stories in a safe manner, subject to a fixed tenor, whilst protecting a given part of invested capital.

what are the key benefits of investment funds?

efficiency: Each fund collects money from hundreds or thousands of investors. This allows us to spread management costs over a much larger sum than if investors were to purchase securities and other instruments separately. Pooling funds means that investors can realise higher yields than if they tried to invest individually.

diversity: Customers can choose from a host of investment funds offering optimal solutions for a variety of savings and investment goals. Some funds are better suited for short-term savings goals, while others are more ideal for medium- and long-term savings. By combining investment funds following different investment policies, small investors can access markets and diverse investment options not normally or easily available to such investors.

professional management: By purchasing an investment fund, customers buy not only a type of security but also a service package. In addition to the financial gain, they also directly benefit from Fund Management’s watchful eye over the investment market, as it strives to always find the best investment opportunities for its customers, analysing market trends, and making and executing investment decisions at the right time.

transparent and safe operation: Custody Management, an organisation operating independently from Fund Management, is a financial institution that records securities and money movements linked to fund management activities; and manages the securities and cash accounts of funds. Custody Management regularly checks the compliance of Fund Management with the prevailing legislation and the terms and conditions published in the Bulletin. Custody Management sets the current value of the fund’s investments daily, and publishes the daily value of the fund’s total assets and investment units.

For all retail clients:

money market funds

  • K&H dollar pénzpiaci alap – money market fund in USD

bond funds

  • K&H állampapír alap – government bond bund
  • K&H aranykosár alap – bond fund
  • K&H kötvény alap – long bond fund
  • KBC Participation Short Term Bond Selection in EUR
  • KBC Bonds Corporate EUR
  • KBC Bonds Corporate USD

balanced funds

  • balanced funds in HUF
    • K&H válogatott kényelem alap normal, regular shareclass
    • K&H válogatott lendület alap normal, regular shareclass
    • K&H válogatott iram alap normal, regular shareclass
  • balanced funds in EUR, USD
    • K&H nemzetközi vegyes alap EUR
    • K&H nemzetközi vegyes alap USD 
  • RI balanced funds with different risk profiles
    • K&H kényelem felelős befektetés nyíltvégű fenntartható fejlődés óvatos alap normal, regular shareclass 
    • K&H lendület felelős befektetés nyíltvégű fenntartható fejlődés dinamikus alap normal, regular shareclass 
    • K&H iram felelős befektetés nyíltvégű alap normal, regular shareclass
    • SIVEK Global Medium Responsible Investing, EUR
    • Horizon KBC Dynamic Responsible Investing, USD

equity and commodity funds

  • RI equity funds in HUF
    • K&H öko fund
    • KBC Eco Fund Impact Investing, HUF
    • KBC Equity Fund We Digitize Responsible Investing, HUF
    • KBC Equity Fund We Care Responsible Investing, HUF
  • RI equity funds in EUR, USD
    • KBC Eco Fund Impact Responsible Investing, EUR
  • equity and commodity funds in HUF
    • K&H amerika alap HUF – north-american equity fund in HUF
    • K&H ázsia alap – asian equity fund
    • K&H feltörekvő piaci alap – emerging market equity fund
    • K&H ingatlanpiaci alap – real-estate equity fund
    • K&H közép-európai részvény alap – central-european equity fund
    • K&H navigátor indexkövető alap – Hungarian equity fund
    • K&H Európa alap HUF – European equity fund in HUF
    • K&H nyersanyag alap HUF – commodity fund in HUF
  • equity and commodity funds in EUR, USD
    • K&H amerika alap USD – north-american equity fund in USD
    • K&H Európa alap EUR – European equity fund in EUR
    • K&H nyersanyag alap USD – commodity fund in USD

For private banking clients:

equity funds in EUR, USD:

  • KBC Equity Fund Emerging Europe, EUR
  • KBC Equity Fund Medical Technologies, USD
  • KBC Equity Fund Trends, EUR

RI equity funds in EUR, USD:

  • KBC Equity Fund We Care Responsible Investing, EUR
  • KBC Equity Fud Emerging Markets Responsible Investing, EUR
  • KBC Equity Fund World Responsible Investing, EUR
  • KBC Equity Fund We Digitize Responsible Investing, USD

balanced funds in HUF:

  • K&H privátbanki hozamfizető alap

balanced funds in EUR:

  • IN.focus Private Banking Ective Income Selection, EUR
  • Optimum Fund Enhanced Intellingence, EUR

RI money market fund in EUR:

  • KBC Participation Cash Plus Responsible Investing, EUR
This marketing communication is not intended as a proposal or investment advice. The detailed description of the Fund is included in the Prospectus as well as in the Key Information Document available in Hungarian in the branches of K&H Bank Zrt. as leading distributor and online on the following websites: and In order to make an informed investment decision, please review the details included in these documents thoroughly, especially in terms of risks. To find out more about the costs of the investment fund, please consult the announcements of the distributors. Historic performance of funds do not provide any guarantee for future performance. Unless it constitutes income from long-term investment, the yield of the investment units is considered to be interest income from taxation perspective, from which the payer must deduct the taxes payable at the time of payment. The precise amounts of taxes payable will always be calculated with reference to the specific circumstances, and tax regulations may change in the future. Income earned on long-term investment contracts is subject to specific tax rules. The fund is managed by KBC Asset Management N.V. fund management company, supervised by the Belgian financial supervision, the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority). K&H Bank Zrt. sells its products in accordance with the provisions of the MiFID Directive. K&H Bank Zrt. is a member of the Budapest Stock Exchange. Identification number of its operational licence: Resolutions of the HFSA (and its legal predecessor) no. 41.064/1998, III/41.064-3/2001, III/41.064-11/2002 and III/41.064-16/2003.