assistance services linked to retail providing a credit card [K&H retail credit cards]

  • can be requested with any K&H retail credit card
  • offers a solution to emergencies in the field of health, home, driving or travel
  • instant help each day of the year, round-the-clock


who do we recommend it to?

  • those who like to prepare for any unexpected situation
  • those who like to feel safe every day
  • those who care about the versatile additional services they can use with a single card

minimum application requirements

  • resident private individuals of age 18 or over who have a K&H retail credit card

key information

  • Europ Assistance has created assistance services that offer personalised support and assistance in any life situation when needed.
  • These services can now be used with any K&H credit card to offer a solution to any unexpected situation in the areas of health, home, driving or travel.

adjusted to your needs

assistance service when do you potentially need it? what does it offer?
home assistance
  • your home is flooded due to a broken pipe
  • a wire is emitting sparks due to an electrical short circuit
  • sewage spillage due to sewer blockage
  • the key has broken in the lock and your home cannot be entered/locked
  • theft and robbery of keys, documents and/or bank cards
  • robbery related to ATM cash withdrawals
  • free repair in case of emergency (pipe breakage, short circuit, blockage, broken key, water, gas and electricity line repairs, window glass repairs as per the Insurance Terms and Conditions) up to HUF 30 thousand per event
  • in addition to emergency response, the provision information and professional advice
  • replacement of bank cards, keys and official documents up to HUF 50 thousand
  • arranging and reimbursing accommodation or onward travel abroad up to a value of HUF 150 thousand
  • legal assistance
  • compensation up to HUF 150 thousand in case of robbery related to ATM cash withdrawal
vehicle assistance
  • the vehicle breaks down in the territory of Hungary or in the countries specified in the Insurance Terms and Conditions, also outside the territory of Hungary
  • tyre puncture
  • on-site repair of a vehicle damaged due to a technical fault or a traffic accident, and the provision of an ambulance or possibly a car recovery trailer
  • car recovery and storage
  • onward travel, organisation of accommodation up to HUF 150 thousand
  • car rental
  • on-site wheel replacement or, if it is not possible, transportation of the vehicle to the nearest repair service and the subsequent reimbursement of repairs up to HUF 30 thousand gross
  • telephone assistance and emergency interpreting in foreign languages
health assistance
  • seeking information in health matters at any time of the day
  • answering questions related to medical care, the need for urgent specialist medical examinations (even if there is potentially a waiting list)
  • sudden severe deterioration in health when medical care is needed
  • teledoctor service 0-24 (information on state of health, what to do in case of illness, explanation of medical terms and hospital discharge reports, explanation of laboratory results and any resulting interdependencies)
  • organisation of diagnostic (X-ray, ECG, MRI, ultrasound, CT, PET-CT) and laboratory tests
  • organization of specialist examinations with appointments being available within a maximum of 5 working days (in Budapest and in county towns) in the following health specialisation areas: gynaecology, internal medicine, urology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, ophthalmology and gastroenterology
  • emergency medical home visits and patient transportation
home plus assistance home assistance +
a household electrical appliance, technical device or mobile phone purchased with a credit card breaks down beyond the warranty period
in case of failure or damage, the service covers the cost of repair/replacement where the Insurer reimburses the reasonable costs of repairing the Insured Property or any part thereof, in a value of up to HUF 300 thousand in case of electrical household items and entertainment equipment or up to HUF 200 thousand in the case of portable computer equipment
extended warranty a mobile phone purchased with a credit card breaks down beyond the warranty period in case of failure or damage, it covers the cost of repair/replacement where the Insurer reimburses the reasonable costs of repairing the Insured Property or any part thereof, up to HUF 200 thousand
security package
  • home plus assistance
  • car assistance
  • health assistance
  • home plus assistance
  • car assistance
  • health assistance


what to do if I need help and I have valid assistance insurance?

Please call our help line at +36 1 465 3766 with confidence, and our colleagues will promptly help you and arrange the service you need.

how long is the contract concluded for?

The insurance contract has an indefinite term. The risk-bearing period is 12 months from the starting date of risk-bearing.

how can I terminate the contract?

The contract can be terminated subject to 30 days’ notice, as of the end of the insurance period.

what does the home assistance service include?

Emergency response service

It provides assistance in the event of breakage/failure in the Customer's household up to a certain benefit value.

Non-stop telephone assistance and emergency response in the following professions:

  • electricity jobs
  • plumbing
  • fixing clogged drains
  • gas fitting jobs
  • locksmith jobs
  • glass repairs

Benefit value: HUF 30,000/event

This service can be taken advantage of unlimited times within a given insurance period.

Legal Assistance

As part of our Legal Assistance service, our specialists provide general legal information by phone or even in person, if necessary.

For example, telephone advice is available in the following cases:

  • Sale/purchase: sales contract, design/implementation contract, late performance, advance payment.
  • Lettings and rentals: lease, rights/obligations.
  • Residential community, neighbours: condominium assembly, agreements, debates.
  • Mortgage: rights/obligations, legal succession, registration/cancellation.
  • Municipality, authorities: permits, floor paving, taxes, licences, fines.
  • Consumer protection: disputes related to the breakage of appliances linked to a property under the force of a warranty (washing machine, refrigerator, oven, TV etc.).

If a well-founded opinion cannot be provided in a given case in the form of telephone counselling, our service partner will organise a face-to-face session relying on its nation-wide network, by involving the partner law firm closest to the insured person's place of residence, and will pay for the services used as per the contractual conditions.

Bankcard-related insurance:

Replacement of keys official documents and bank cards:

  • The benefit paid covers all costs incurred by the insured party in connection with the replacement and blocking of the bank card, the re-cutting of keys and the re-issuance of documents. These costs are borne by the Insurer up to HUF 50,000, while any costs above this will be borne by the Insured.
  • If the insurance event occurs abroad, the insured party can obtain the contact details of the local embassy or police through telephone assistance, and can receive procedural advice.
  • If, in the context of the insured event, it is not possible to book accommodation or continue the insured party’s journey due to missing documents, the Insurer will bear the costs of accommodation and onward travel up to a total value of HUF 150,000.

    Robbery linked to cash withdrawal from an ATM
  • The Insurer shall reimburse the value of the cash taken and any banking fees linked to the transaction up to HUF 150,000. 

what is an emergency response?

Emergency response is provided in reaction to a situation or circumstance that occurs as a result of the failure of the mechanical and technical equipment in the insured building or an unexpected external mechanical impact that requires urgent intervention in order to prevent further damage or the risk of accident.

Examples of emergencies:

  • your home is flooded due to a broken pipe
  • a wire is emitting sparks due to an electrical short circuit
  • the key broke in the lock and you cannot enter/lock your home

Services that are specifically not emergency services:

  • repairs of gas and electrical appliances (as part of the emergency package),
  • replacement of a lock if not related to an emergency,
  • sewer blockage that does not result in a sewage spill,
  • repair and replacement of fittings, e.g. taps, toilet tanks.

Types of professional jobs that are provided by the Insurance Company as part of its emergency response service:

  • electricity jobs
  • plumbing
  • fixing clogged drains
  • gas fitting jobs
  • locksmith jobs
  • glass repairs

who can purchase Home Plus Assistance?

The Home Plus Assistance service may only be purchased if the Customer also has a Home Assistance service, or if there is an active Home Assistance contract in place on a main or partner card connected to the Customer, and the address of the Customer and the beneficiary of the already active Home Assistance cover is the same.

what is Home Plus Assistance for?

Home Plus Assistance is a service similar to the factory warranty offered with various household or entertainment appliances, which arranges for any necessary repairs and takes any measures required for this (e.g.: contacting the repair shop, transportation to the repair shop), and reimburses the costs incurred during the provision of the service, in line with the regulations specified in the GCTC.

Home Plus Assistance also provides protection in the event of accidental damage (breakage, contact with water or other liquids).

what equipment does Home Plus Assistance cover?

Widely available for household and entertainment appliances, which were purchased in a new condition in Hungary, using a credit card issued by K&H Bank after the start date of the risk-bearing period, and whose gross purchase value reaches HUF 20,000, but does not exceed HUF 300,000,000*, and the manufacturer's, distributor's or seller's warranty is no longer valid, but they are not yet 60 months (5 years) old.

In addition, it can be used for portable electronic devices that were purchased in a new condition in Hungary with a credit card issued by K&H Bank after the start date of the risk-bearing period, and whose gross purchase value reaches HUF 20,000, but does not exceed HUF 200,000* , and the manufacturer's, distributor's or seller's warranty is no longer valid, but they are not yet 24 months (2 years) old.

* the purchase value of devices exceeding the value limit at the time of purchase, is taken into account at the limit value.

Small and large electrical household appliances

Shaver, epilator, kitchen hood, electric toothbrush, cooker/oven (built-in and free-standing), heater (radiator), scales (kitchen, personal), hair straightener, hair dryer, hair clipper, refrigerator, freezer (built-in and free-standing), coffee maker, toaster, bread maker, small kitchen appliance (blender, kitchen robot), microwave, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher (built-in and free-standing), fryer, vacuum cleaner, iron, kettle, mobile air conditioning, steam cleaner.

Electronic entertainment appliances

DVD player/recorder (with factory hard disk only), blue ray player, media box (without built-in hard disk), hi-fi accessories, hi-fi player, home audio system, home theatre system, projector, radio, radio recorder, set top box converter, television.

Portable computer devices

Laptop, tablet, smartphone, digital camera.

what does the waiting time mean?

There is a waiting period of 2 months from the conclusion of the contract. That is, the Insurer does not pay out in respect of an event that occurs within 2 months!

what services is someone who has Health Assistance services entitled to?

The Health Assistance service includes our Teledoctor service and the organization of diagnostic and specialist examinations.


Our specialists can help with general medical issues, such as explaining medical terms, hospital discharge reports and interpreting laboratory results and any resulting connections.

In addition, they provide information about on-call services, dental practices or even on-call pharmacists.

Our Teledoctor service is unlimited.

The organisation of specialist and diagnostic examinations

The organization of diagnostic examinations (X-ray, ECG, MRI, ultrasound, CT, PET-CT) within 5 working days after the submission of the Insured Party's request to this end, and the organization of laboratory tests in private clinics outside any waiting lists in the following areas, in no more than within 5 working days:

  • gynaecology
  • internal medicine
  • urology
  • ear-nose-throat specialist
  • ophthalmology
  • gastroenterology
  • Subject to a referral or specialist opinion, the following diagnostic tests will be organised by us within 5 working days, and we will also pay for the diagnostic tests up to HUF 250,000 per year:
    • Native MRI
    • MRI with contrast material
    • Native CT
    • CT with contrast material
    • PET CT
  • At the request of the Insured Party, we will organise any necessary specialised medical and/or laboratory examinations (costs are to be paid by the Customer on-site), unlimited times per year.

Arranging a home visit by a doctor

Emergency home visits are services available at the Customer’s place of residence or stay (at home) in cases reported via the Insurer's telephone line and found to be medically justified, acute care cases (cases of high fever and immobility), when the Insured Party is visited and examined by a doctor with an internal medicine profile within 8 hours after the telephone call, if the condition of the Insured Party did not allow him/her to see a doctor.

This service can be used once a year up to HUF 30,000 subject to a deductible of HUF 5,000.

Patient transportation

Costs will be borne by the Client in all cases, the Insurer is not obliged to bear costs.

In the event of immobility (e.g. the need to stay lying due to thrombosis or an extremely frail physical state), we will arrange patient transportation within 24 hours of notification, also taking into account the timing of any required tests.

The Patient Transportation Arrangement service can also be used if a disabled person's access to a healthcare institution cannot be otherwise ensured, and the person must attend on a doctor’s orders. In such cases, the patient is transported within the country, in line with the conditions specified by law, in order for the Client to have access to any necessary healthcare in cases where there is no need for supervision by a paramedic, and the availability of healthcare cannot be ensured otherwise due to the Client's health condition.

Costs are borne by the Client at all times, and the Insurer is not obliged to bear such costs.

what does the Security Package contain?

The security package contains the following service packages

  • Home Assistance
  • Home Plus Assistance
  • Vehicle Assistance
  • Health Assistance