K&H e-portfolio

360 degree view of your savings and investments portfolio

  • up-to-date information about your portfolio
  • easy-to-manage, attractive interface
  • can be launched simply and conveniently from e-bank

new functions in K&H e-portfolio

  • you can see your deposits, investment units and the assets funds of your life insurance
  • you can check the unrealized profits of your portfolio units at asset class level  or aggregated at the account level



this is what you can see


 premium client

 private banking client

accessible from e-bank

accessible with a click after logging on to e-bank

complete savings portfolio

you can view your whole investment portfolio (accounts, securities accounts, investment funds, asset funds etc.) on a single screen

multiple views

you can select whether you would like to view our portfolio by asset class or account

recommended quarterly portfolio

if you have a valid signed risk profile questionnaire, then we will also show you your quarterly target portfolio created according to your risk profile

event calendar

the event calendar shows all dates relevant to your investments such as the events in the life of your portfolio e.g. product maturity dates and interest payments

how to apply

  • if you are already a K&H e-bank user, you can access the K&H e-portfolio service there
  • if you are not an e-bank user , yet, you can submit your application at any branch

use and identification methods

  • you can use K&H e-portfolio using the same identification method as for K&H e-bank

  • security information

  • in the interest of your own security please protect your computer with a firewall and anti-virus software, and ensure that both are updated regularly

  • please make sure that your identification details and password are not accessed by unauthorised parties

  • please log out of e-portfolio by clicking on the Log Out button rather than closing your browser following the use of the service

  • if possible avoid using the e-portfolio service on public internet or shared computer

  • click here to learn more about secure use

security information

  • for your own security, please protect your computer with a firewall and antivirus software, which you should update regularly
  • make sure that unauthorised persons cannot access your IDs and password
  • when you have finished using the e-bank, use the log off button instead of merely closing your browser
  • if you can, avoid using the e-bank on a public network or a shared computer

read more about safe and secure use here


General tems and conditions
general contracting terms and conditions for banking services requiring electronic identification
announcement on the bank accounts, deposit account term deposits and cash transactions of private individual customers
forint interest rate announcement
This material does not constitute an offer; it is intended merely for information. The Bank reserves the right to change the conditions. A detailed description of the product and its terms and conditions can be found in the relevant client contract, in K&H Bank’s General Terms and Conditions, the General Contracting Terms and Conditions for banking services requiring electronic identification, in the announcement on the bank accounts, deposits, cash transactions, bankcards and investments of premium banking clients and the current announcement on the bank accounts, deposits, cash transactions, bankcards and investments of private banking customers, which can be viewed in our bank branches and on the www.kh.hu website.