You create value, we preserve it for generations


The KBC Group, the sole shareholder of K&H Bank, is a market-leading financial institution in Belgium. In addition KBC has considerable market shares in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovakia and, of course, Hungary. More than 50% of the shares of the KBC Group are held by consortiums of private investors that have committed themselves for the long term, and the balance is quoted on NYSE Euronext. Thanks to its stable finances, committed shareholders and outstanding results, KBC has enjoyed consistently good ratings at all credit agencies, which provides additional security to our clients.


In addition to offering the widest possible product range and acting with the greatest professional care and diligence it is extremely important to do our job with uttermost discretion. Although we work very closely with the branch network of K&H Bank, only our colleagues in Private Banking are familiar with the details of our clients’ financial situation and the volume and status of their investments. These are business secrets regarded as highly confidential even within the Bank, as well as bank secrets. At the same time the units responsible for investor protection and operating within the risk management of the Bank monitor all transactions concluded on behalf of clients very closely to protect their interests.