information on joint data processing based on mutual data sharing

The K&H Brand Group’s objective is to offer its clients products within its bank-insurance model that meet their needs to a great extent, are favorable and easily accessible. For this reason, and by virtue of statutory provision of Section 164/B of Act CCXXXVII of 2013 on credit institutions and financial enterprises, K&H Bank Zrt. and K&H Biztosító Zrt. as a company under K&H Bank Zrt’s controlling influence, K&H Bank Zrt. and K&H Csoportszolgáltató Központ Kft. as a company under K&H Bank Zrt’s controlling influence, as well as K&H Bank Zrt. and K&H Érték Zrt. as a company under K&H Bank Zrt’s controlling influence, may, to the required extent, transfer to each other bank secrets, insurance secrets, securities secrets and personal data of their clients.

In the context of their joint data processing based on mutual data sharing, the K&H Brand Group members involved may process, for the establishment and duration of the client relationship, and to the necessary extent, the data they receive in connection with their business activities for the purpose of providing specific services and making customised offers. Such data processing may include using such data to contact each other’s clients.

The condition of the data transfer is to inform the clients, which we comply with this letter. Data transfer may be started no earlier than 30 days upon receipt of this letter, in the event that our client do not object to it. Furthermore, we will also refrain from data transfer if our client disabled Group level data sharing based on consent in the past, because we automatically consider their previous statement as an objection to the mutual data sharing above.

Please note that our clients may, at any time, initiate the prohibition of the herein mentioned data transfer by making an express declaration. Such a declaration may be made at any branch of K&H Brand Group members, in a letter or by email sent to our mailing addresses, by telephone or, where applicable, in our digital applications. Written objections should include the identification data and the notification of our clients that they object to the joint data processing based on mutual data sharing.

Please also note that our clients can re-acknowledge the data sharing with their express statement at any time later, so allow these entities to start or continue the joint data processing.

For more information on mutual data transfer and joint data processing based on statutory provision, please read our Data Protection Information at and in our General Terms and Conditions at

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K&H Bank Zrt. / K&H Biztosító Zrt. / K&H Csoportszolgáltató Központ Kft. / K&H Érték Zrt.