things to do with data phishing messages

Dear Customer!

Please note that there is a wave of phishing attack currently underway against K&H customers.

Based on our current knowledge the attackers inform clients in email about unsuccessful incoming transactions. The attackers send the mails from email addresses that falsely appear to belong to K&H Bank (ending with The emails contain a malevolent link that intends to steal your mobile banking login and activation data.

The wording of the malicious mail is below (only Hungarian version is known so far)

„Tisztelt Ügyfelünk,

Az adataiban nemrégiben felmerült hibák miatt nem tudtuk feldolgozni a beérkezo átutalásokat a fiókjába. Kérjük, kattintson ide és kövesse a lépéseket a fiókjának lekéréséhez.

Sajnáljuk az okozott kellemetlenségeket.

Köszönjük, hogy minket választott.

K&H Bank Zrt.”

We ask you to be careful and pay extra attention to your banking and personal data and do not click on phishing links!

Based on our current information the phishing campaign is spreading via email however, we ask you to be careful with messages coming via other channels too (e.g. text message, telephone).

Dear Customer,

We wish to emphasize again that K&H Bank never asks its Clients to provide their user IDs via email or to log in to the K&H e-bank by clicking on a link received in an email message. Such email messages may be fraudulent, and you should never disclose your client data via email.

If you received such an email message and provided your data or clicked on the link in the message, then log in to the K&H e-bank from the website and check your registered devices and transaction history in the settings/device management menu item. If you come across any irregularity, please contact our colleagues through K&H Telecenter (+36 1/20/30/70 335 33 55).

If you receive any suspicious message with the above content in your mailbox, please contact us by sending an email to so that we can investigate the issue.

Please pay increased attention when you log into the K&H e-bank service.