credit card service
[K&H Mastercard World Elite credit card]

  • available to Private Banking customers only
  • a broad range of inclusive services
  • safe use online as well
  • APR: 49,1%
credit card service
[K&H Mastercard World Elite credit card]

Do you always go for the best in everything? Find out more about the exclusive K&H Mastercard World Elite credit card, which offers you special benefits in your day-to-day life and at special moments alike.

exclusive services offered with the K&H Mastercard® World Elite credit card

exclusive services offered with the K&H Mastercard® World Elite credit card

Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport

  • Mastercard Airport Lounge
    Wait for your flight in the exclusive Lounge offering free food and drink. Your card gives unlimited free access to the Lounge for yourself, your travel companion and your children under the age of 18.
  • Budapest Airport Fast Track
    You can get to airport security faster and, once there, you can use a dedicated screening area separate from the usual passenger security channels (X-ray equipment, magnetic gate, passenger security staff).

Vienna International Airport
Make the most of the time you spend at the airport before your flight or during transfer, and lounge in comfort at Vienna Airport’s AIR Lounge, SKY Lounge or JET Lounge.
Admission to the airport lounges and the Fast Track Lane is free of charge for cardholders with a boarding pass valid for the same day.
Find out more about the entry and usage conditions for any of the Budapest and Vienna airport services on the Mastercard website.

exclusive services offered with the K&H Mastercard® World Elite credit card

entry to LoungeKeyTM lounges
Does your flight depart from an airport other than Budapest or Vienna? We look forward to welcoming you at any of the 1100 LoungeKey premium airport lounges located at 650 airports worldwide. Your K&H Mastercard World Elite credit card will qualify you for free entry twice a year.

Both main and joint cards come with 2 free entries (one free entry means one time for one person). From the third entry, a fee of USD 32 per person will be charged to be paid on entering.

For further information, please visit the website.

Boingo for Wi-Fi K&H Mastercard® World Elite card holders
Connect up to 4 devices to fast premium Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 1 million locations worldwide: at airports, on planes and in hotels and restaurants.

Boingo services are provided by Boingo Wireless, Inc. For further details, please visit

Priceless Cities
Welcome to a world full of adventures. In the Priceless Cities programme, you can enjoy the benefits of your MasterCard credit card while traveling and take advantage of the offers of leading brands in the world's largest cities. For further details, please visit and register using your K&H Mastercard World Elite credit card.

PressReader application
With PressReader, you can read 7000 popular international daily newspapers and magazines online or download them on up to 5 different devices for free.
K&H Bank will send you your unique log-on link by e-mail.

exclusive services offered with the K&H Mastercard® World Elite credit card

travel assistance and insurance
We will cover medical costs incurred due to an accident while travelling, pay out for damage to property and provide round-the-clock assistance. Coverage extends to medical assistance and an early return home due to illness or an unexpected event, as well as travel delays, late luggage, travel documents and legal assistance.

assistance and insurance
The assistance services and insurance cover provided with your K&H Mastercard World Elite credit card ensure that you feel safe in as many areas of life as possible. You can count on our help with roadside vehicle assistance, broken water pipes, electrical short circuits, keys broken in locks, or malfunctioning or dropped phones. And if you need health advice, you can consult a doctor at any time by phone, chat or even video call.
For further information on insurance and usage conditions, please click here.

how can I get my card?

  • Private Banking customers will be sent their credit card by post to their notification address on record with the Bank
  • Private Banking Plus customers can request their Private Banking advisor to deliver their card to them in person, to either their office or their home

how can I repay the credit used?

  • by regular or one-off transfer from a K&H retail bank account
  • by regular or one-off transfer from a different bank account held with another bank
  • by direct debit from a K&H retail bank account

how long is my credit card valid?

The credit card will be valid until the last day of the month of expiry shown on the back of the card. To avoid the inconvenience of having to go without your credit card even just for a short while, we will automatically renew your card.

how long will it take to manufacture my card?

Subject to the bank's assessment and approval, the Bank will make sure your credit card is ready within 15 days of applying for the credit card.

how much can I spend with the card each day?

For your security, you can set daily card usage limits of your choice for purchases with your credit card. If you do not set a maximum limit for daily purchases, the bank's default limit will apply, which is published in the credit card announcement. You may change the limit in K&H e-bank or K&H mobile bank.

what are the fees?

  • for our Private Banking customers the annual credit card fee is HUF 26,275 (50% discount)
  • for our Private Banking Plus customers the annual credit card fee is HUF 0
  • cash withdrawal fees
  • fees for other credit card services (e.g. replacement fee)

A detailed description of the fees is included in the prevailing K&H credit card announcement for natural persons.

what can the K&H retail credit card be used for?

The card can be used for purchases in Hungary and abroad, and the wide range of services included allow you to enjoy tailor-made services worldwide.

what to do if my card gets stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, call the international toll-free number +36 80 414 243 promptly and request the blocking of your card free of charge!

You can block your card in K&H mobile bank or e-bank in just a few minutes, and request a new card so you can use it again as soon as possible.

If you cannot find your card but are not certain that you have lost it for good, you can suspend the card for security reasons in K&H mobile bank or e-bank for up to 90 days. It is important to note, however, that suspension is not the same as blocking the card.

what to do if several people wish to use the credit limit available?

With your existing credit card, you can request a maximum of 4 joint cards of the same type, thus ensuring that your family members and relatives over the age of 18 can make purchases against your credit limit at the same preferential terms as the main cardholder. A detailed description of the fees is included in the current K&H credit card announcement for natural persons.

representative example

The value of the credit (credit line) set out in Government Decree No. 83/2010. (III.25.) is HUF 375,000; term: 1 year. The facility is drawn down in full on the first day of the term and decreases by the minimum repayment instalments during the term, and the remaining debt will be repaid in a lump sum on the last day of the term. Rate and type of credit interest: 18.50% per annum, variable. Annual credit card service fee: HUF 57,280. The repayment instalment varies monthly depending on the value of the credit line used but equals at least 5% of the credit line used. Based on the above: APR is 49.1%, fee included in the total credit cost: HUF 57,280 and the total amount to be repaid is HUF 434,820.

announcements, guides

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This information document does not constitute an offer and is intended solely to raise awareness. The Bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions. A detailed description and the product terms and conditions are available in K&H Bank's Business Regulations, the Customer Agreement, the General Contract Terms and Conditions of Bank Card and Credit Card Services and the announcements pertaining to the bank accounts, deposits, till transactions, bank cards and investments of Private Banking customers, which can be viewed in bank branches and/or on the website at The APR in the advertisement has been set in view of the prevailing conditions and the applicable legislation, where the credit amount is HUF 375,000 and the term 1 year. Insurance cover is provided by K&H Biztosító Zrt.; you can find out more about the insurance product in the relevant insurance contract terms and conditions. The assistance service is provided by EUROP Assistance S.A. Irish Branch.