credit solutions refinanced by Eximbank

broad product range, preferential, fixed interest rate throughout the loan term

  • low cost of credit
  • fixed interest rate throughout the loan term
  • broad product range according to the borrower’s needs

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The following credit solutions refinanced by Eximbank are available through K&H Bank:

Credit Program to Boost Exports

Eximbank has announced a medium-term refinancing credit program with preferential, fixed interest rates, which is available in euro, US dollar and – upon request – also in forint.

The restricted-use funds can be used by domestic credit institutions for the pre-financing or ex-post financing of their clients’ exports, so the refinancing may be linked to export pre-financing, bill discounting, the purchase of receivables arising from trade credit, and buyer credit arrangements. Refinancing provided for pre-financing may, on a case-by-case basis, also be combined with a loan repayment bank guarantee.

Our clients may apply for different types of loans under the credit program: export pre-financing loans or investment loans for export purposes, with a term of less than 2 years or 2-5 years. Both revolving and non-revolving loans are available.

Credit Program to Improve Competitiveness

Eximbank’s Credit Program to Improve Competitiveness provides funding for businesses with a registered office or permanent establishment in Hungary (or with a registered office in the European Economic Area and a branch office in Hungary) for domestic investments and working capital financing at preferential, fixed interest rates, in euro or forint. Eximbank uses state subsidies (interest subsidies) to provide the funds at preferential interest rates.

Both working capital loans and investment loans are available under the credit program.

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