K&H treasury services

Mihály Országh

Mihály Országh

Head of Specialized Finance Services & Financial Markets Directorates

At K&H Markets Directorate we all believe in the power of thinking together. The professional background of our loyal colleagues and the experience and expectations of our Clients are able to evolve the ideal risk hedging strategy or make the optimal investment decision. This is the guarantee of our market leader position and the strong relationship with our Clients. It can provide the most modern financial techniques and can help us understand and serve our Client’s needs on the highest level. To be partners in the business world that is full of challenges.

treasury services

We deal with market uncertainty with a toolkit ranging from spots and forwards to arrangements hedging exchange-rate, commodity or interest rate risk.

Our client focus is well demonstrated by our organization, which is built around the dealers of our sales department. They help you learn about even the smallest of market shifts. If you have any business question do not hesitate to contact your dedicated treasury dealer, who will assist you with any of the following services:

  • market information, exchange-rate, interest-rate and commodity-price forecasts

  • spot currency conversion, currency forwards and other currency derivatives

  • interest rate hedging

  • commodity price hedging

  • formulation of personalized hedging strategies

  • individual pricing, execution of orders, market monitoring

  • investment arrangements, dealing in government securities, discount treasury bills and corporate bonds