automated connectivity [K&H Electra WSTP]

A direct, secure data connectivity can be established between your ERP system and the K&H Electra program, so that your company can continuously retrieve account information and make transfers through it.

  • quick information
  • secured connection
  • increased efficiency


K&H Electra WSTP

The module integrated into the Electra program that communicates directly between your company's ERP system and the Electra client program, thus ensuring automatic, direct data flow.


K&H Electra's WSTP module provides encrypted data exchange based on webservices between the systems. Automation makes processes easily transparent and helps to exclude risks arising from manual processes.


The online data flow enables access to quasi-real-time invoice and transaction information directly from your ERP system. In this way, you can automate your daily operative financial processes, reduce the time spent on administration, and increase your operational efficiency.

fast implementation

Since the module communicates using protocols aligned with international standards, the use of standard https makes it easier to integrate into complex IT systems.


Announcement for Corporate Clients
General Terms and Conditions
General Terms and Conditions for payment and deposit services granted to corporate clients
general contracting terms and conditions for banking services requiring electronic identification

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This information does not constitute an offer, its sole purpose is to raise awareness. The Bank reserves the right to modify conditions. For a detailed service description and conditions, please consult the relevant client contract, the General Contracting Terms and Conditions for payment and deposit services provided to corporate clients, the General Contracting Terms and Conditions for Banking Services requiring Electronic Identification, K&H Bank’s Terms and Conditions and the currently effective Announcement for Corporate Clients.