K&H agricultural subsidy pre-financing loan

general-purpose loan for preparing for spring planting

  • all available subsidy titles are pre-financed by 90% ratio
  • also available for single area payments, coupled support, transitional national aid, normative rural development and animal welfare grants
  • the loan is primarily secured by the subsidy applied for

Please contact your relationship manager or call K&H’s Corporate Customer Service (CCS) at


purpose of the loan
to pre-finance the following types of grants:
  • basic payments and associated greening
  • transitional national assistance
  • coupled support
  • certain types of animal welfare assistance
currency forint
loan amount varies depending on the grant requested
disbursement in a lump sum, based on the last received subsidy decision (certification)
term minimum of one month and maximum of two years; however, the term of the loan must not extend beyond the 15th day from the final disbursement date of the subsidy as per the legislation applicable to the subsidy in question
principal repayment the loan will be automatically repaid on the disbursement of the aid

The fees and commissions charged by the Bank in connection with lending are included in our prevailing "announcement for corporate clients".

adapted to your needs

The funds you need will be available flexibly, months before any advance payment.

you should know before you decide

we can pre-finance 90% of the amount of subsidies for the next grant year based on the previous year (hectare, number of animals, commitment, HUF)

contractual terms, announcements

General Terms and Conditions
General Contractual Terms and Conditions for Active Corporate Banking Services (Credit, Loan, Bank Guarantee, Letter of Credit and Financial Leasing deals)
Announcement for Corporate Clients
  • eligibility is conditional on having a separate bank account registered with the State Treasury, into which all assistance will be paid
  • disbursement is subject to compliance with the drawdown conditions
  • the loan(s) drawn will be credited to the current account of your business held with the Bank
  • if the subsidy is paid by the national authorising officer prior to the scheduled payment date / maturity date, then the amount must be used immediately to prepay the loan(s) in question, proportional to the financing or in full as stipulated in the loan agreement
  • no prepayment statement is required in the case of advance payments as such items shall be automatically used to repay the loan
This information does not constitute an offer, its sole purpose is to raise awareness.  A detailed description and terms and conditions of the product, service can be found in the relevant client agreement, the General Contractual Terms and Conditions for Active Corporate Banking Services (Credit, Loan, Bank Guarantee, Letter of Credit and Financial Leasing deals), the General Terms and Conditions, and the effective Announcement for Corporate Clients, which can be viewed under 'documents' on this page. The Bank reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions. The Bank will decide on the credit facility amounts and the availability thereof as well as on the collateral required at its sole discretion, in accordance with its own policies.