K&H Youngster Savings Account

our young customers can now save regularly without the need to tie up their money in a term deposit, subject to preferential interest rate conditions

  • can be accessed twice a month without losing basic interest
  • the possibility of premium interest in case of regular savings
K&H Youngster Savings Account


  • the (annual) basic interest payable on the deposit is calculated in tiers, depending on the value of the deposit, as long as no more than 2 debit transactions are effected on the account in the given calendar month, and the balance reaches the minimum balance value every day

  • premium interest is paid if a minimum of 5 000 HUF is credited to the account each month, if there is no debit transaction in the given month, and the balance reaches the minimum balance value every day

  • minimum opening amount: HUF 2000; minimum balance: HUF 20 thousand

  • free account management (standardised deposit interest rate, EBKM: 0,05%-0,15%)

  • free transfer between own accounts

it is worth trying

  • in K&H e-bank savings goals can be set up, modified or cancelled at any time, and the priority of goals can also be modified, thus offering you an up-to-date picture of your savings’ progression.:

  • by setting up a new goal, you will not create a new account, instead you will simply share the balance of your K&H Youngster Savings Account between your various savings goals

  • all you need to do is to pay the sum required for the achievement of your goals into your K&H Youngster Savings Account every month

  • we will help you in the achievement of your goals with regular hints

For details of the applicable interest and conditions please, consult the Retail HUF Interest Announcement (Annex 4). 

The K&H Youngster Savings Account is insured by the National Deposit Insurance Fund.

you should know before you decide

  • there is no terms, so you can access the account balance any time
  • you can top up your account balance by any sum you wish, at any time, including by way of paying cash into the account, transferring funds from within the bank or from outside the bank or between your own accounts
  • you can access your account in K&H branches, via the K&H TeleCenter and the K&H Trampoline e-bank

deposit accounts may be opened in branches, in person. Children under the age of 14 do not need to be present when the account is opened for them. In such instances the account is opened in the child’s name by the parent (legal representative), who, as the legal representative, can dispose of the account until the child reaches 18 years of age. Minors aged over 14, up to the age of 18, can open an account independently, subject to the consent of their parent (legal representative), and they can independently dispose of it. Previously opened accounts can also be managed by them.


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