K&H personal loan for car purchase

fast and flexible solution

  • no need to pledge your car as collateral
  • fixed interest; APR: 12.7%
  • preliminary application evaluation in a few minutes
loan amount
= month(s)
result of your calculation:
monthly repayment
loan amount
See the drop-down menu below for a specific, representative example.
The annual interest rate and thus the monthly instalments are decreased by the chosen interest discounts. This present calculation does not constitute an offer or a general evaluation.

loan purpose

purchase of a new or used car by the borrower or co-borrower from a dealer or a private person

loan amount

HUF 500 thousand to HUF 7 million

interest rate (annual)

fixed 11.99%

contracting fee


loan term

24-72 months for loans up to HUF 1 million; 24-84 months for loans above HUF 1 million


may be prepaid any time




via the TeleCenter, in a bank branch, or online

loan purpose

car purchase by the borrower or co-borrower

own contribution

at least 25%, i.e. the loan amount must not exceed 75% of the gross price of the vehicle

further conditions

  • the age of the vehicle to be purchased must not exceed 13 years at the maturity of the loan

  • disbursement condition: presentation of the preliminary or final car purchase contract

If you would rather buy a car using a loan for any purpose without disbursement conditions, maybe for an older car or with lower own contribution, then choose K&H’s all-purpose personal loan

payment protection insurance – if safety matters

If timely debt service even in the case of an unexpected event (unemployment, illness, permanent disability, death) is important to you, then choose K&H’s personal loan payment protection insurance to go with your new loan. The monthly premium of this optional insurance is merely 8% of the repayment instalment. The service is provided by K&H Insurance.

this facility is for you if

  • you want a loan with favourable conditions specifically to buy a car

  • your prefer a simple and fast procedure without pledging your car

  • you already have an idea about the car to be bought, and have the required own contribution (at least 25% of the purchase price)

  • you meet the application criteria

  • you can present the preliminary or final car sale and purchase contract in a K&H branch before disbursement

If you prefer a loan for any purpose, without self-contribution and disbursement conditions, choose one of our all-purpose loans with an APR as low as 16.1%.

Ask our advisors to call you back and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

application criteria

  • the loan is available to adult Hungarian private persons who can be contacted by phone and have their registered address in Hungary

  • the applicant’s certified net monthly income must reach HUF 100 thousand

  • the applicant must have been employed for at least three months, or must have had an active business for 12 months, or must receive final old-age pension

  • no negative information about the applicant must be registered in the Central Credit Information System (the former Interbank Debtor Information system)

  • if the applicant is over 65 years of age at the maturity of the loan, a co-debtor may have to be involved

  • the car to be purchased must not be older than 13 years at the maturity of the loan

If you meet these conditions, ask our advisors to call you back for a preliminary evaluation so that you can find out the loan amount available to you.

preliminary evaluation – simple and non-binding

Based on the data you provide, we first find out how much you could borrow with what conditions, and what documents will need to be submitted. In view of this information,

  • you can decide if the loan amount is sufficient or a co-debtor needs to be involved

  • you get personalised information on the required documents to be obtained before you visit a K&H branch

  • the administrative procedure is simplified, i.e. you save time

Preliminary evaluation is free of charge and involves no commitment on you part; it does not mean an application but it helps you decide.

starting the procedure online is even faster and simpler

Go online to ask our advisers to call you back when it’s suitable for you. Our colleague will

  • give you further information on the loan and the application

  • carry out the preliminary evaluation by phone upon your request – the procedure is simple, free of charge, and non-binding

  • make you an appointment in the bank branch of your choice for a convenient, time-efficient procedure

representative example

For a 60-month, HUF 3 million loan, the monthly repayment instalment with regular monthly salary income is HUF 63,726 at a fixed 9.99% annual interest rate. The total amount to be repaid is HUF 3,851,700 and the loan charges are HUF 851,700 of which fees and costs amount to HUF 28,140. The annual percentage rate (APR) is 10.8%.

general contracting terms and conditions

general contractual terms and conditions of retail loans

how to start how to start

Step 1: basic information and calculation
Step 2: preliminary evaluation, possibly in a few minutes
Step 3: book an appointment conveniently
Step 4: receive advice in a bank branch and submit the loan application
Step 5: approval and disbursement

To apply for K&H’s VIP personal loan, you will need to certify net monthly income of HUF 250 thousand or more. If your income is between HUF 100 thousand – 250 thousand, check out our further attractive personal loan offers with APRs as low as 12.7%.

We draw your attention to the consumer protection website of the where Financial Consumer Protection Centre of the National Bank of Hungary you can find useful product descriptions and various applications for comparison (loan calculator, budget calculator for households).
This material does not constitute an offer. The Bank reserves the right to change the conditions. A detailed description of the product and its terms and conditions can be found in the relevant loan contract; the General Contracting Terms and Conditions applicable to retail loans; in K&H Bank’s General Terms and Conditions; and the Announcement on K&H’s personal loans, which can be viewed in our bank branches and on the www.kh.hu website. The fees, costs and interest rates in the above advertisement have been defined according to the Announcement on K&H’s personal loans. The calculator constitutes a representative example.
See the “list of documents required for consumer loan application” under the “documents” tab for the specific documents required for loan application, or visit a K&H branch for further information. The approval of a loan application is always subject to evaluation by the Bank.