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K&H Bank is the second biggest bank in Hungary; it is the market leader in corporate banking and the second in the retail sector. 

Our prime objective is to offer the best solutions to our clients’ financial needs. To this end we constantly improve our products and services, relying on our owner’s century-old experience and the dedication and innovation of our staff. A universal banking group, we offer a comprehensive range of financial services in 236 branches throughout the country.
K&H Bank’s 100% owner, KBC Bank and Insurance of Belgium, promotes its domestically successful bankassurance model as a strategic issue in its second home, Central and Eastern Europe, as well. The implementation of the concept at the Hungarian subsidiaries, K&H Bank and K&H Insurance, is therefore a high priority.
The essence of the concept is to benefit from cross-selling, i.e. the bank and the insurer selling each other’s products, whereby the clients find a comprehensive service at a single place. K&H Bank branches have sold K&H General Insurance’s home policies since November 2000 and the insurer has distributed K&H Bank’s housing and personal loans since July 2001. Later it also started to sell K&H Life’s products.
The second biggest retail bank in Hungary, we provide financial services to our clients. Besides selling traditional products: account management, payments, direct debit, term deposits, housing and personal loans, we have acted as a trailblazer in several areas in this country.
We were the first to introduce chip-cards, a more secure and internationally accepted alternative to the older magnetic-strip-only bank cards. We were the first to sell guaranteed funds. We strongly promote the proliferation of electronic banking, and our chip-card-verification e-bank is the safest such service on the Hungarian market. Our TeleCenter is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. K&H mobilinfo, a Hungarian invention, sends instant text messages about the client’s account and card transactions.
Our Employee Benefit Package offers advantageous solutions to employers with which they can considerably reduce the expenses related to employee benefits. Well-off individuals are invited to our private banking service which helps them preserve and increase their wealth.
The Bank’s SME clients can choose from traditional as well as customised products, e.g. flexible and inexpensive account packages. The Bank is also a leading distributor of government subsidised loans and its branch network is a provider of a wide range of EU related services from application consultancy to lending for own funding.

K&H Bank is Hungary’s market leader corporate bank. Its strong capitalization, a resulting high risk-taking capacity, its national corporate network of 6 regional centres and sub-centres, cutting-edge electronic services, and its ownership background, which allows the provision of both regional and global solutions, guarantee the quality of its services. Its corporate clients include Hungary’s important medium- and large-sized corporation in the fields of manufacturing, telecommunication, transport, energy, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, consumer goods and agriculture.
The specialists at K&H Bank’s structured and project finance area form a formidable team, which is the most important repository in Hungary of experience in the fields of project financing, syndicated lending, acquisition financing, housing development financing, bond issuing, and take-over consultancy. We assist our corporate clients in their day-to-day finances and EU issues alike. K&H Bank was to first to set up a Municipalities and EU Projects line.
K&H Treasury’s products – foreign exchange spots and forwards, interest-rate and exchange-rate hedging arrangements, government bond trading, and customised term deposits – facilitate the management of market risks. 


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