the K&H foundations

K&H Bank has set up the following foundations to facilitate progress in their respective fields of interest: 

K&H “Táncsics” Creative and Performing Arts Foundation - for an Open Society 

The foundation’s aim is to further social development by assisting social organisations and initiatives and assisting sociological and political studies and young politicians in getting international experience. Another objective is to support the development of the independent press in Hungary and to assist journalists, teams, periodicals and trainings. The foundation’s aim is also to facilitate the preservation and creation of artistic value by supporting, among others, creative activities, exhibition venues, translation and cultural publications.


K&H Foundation for a Healthy Nation 

The foundation’s aim is to support improvements to the health culture primarily by proliferating new forms of prevention and assisting healthcare workers. 


K&H Foundation for Hungarian Science, Technology and Economist Education 

The foundation’s aim is to further the progress of science – both natural and social –, technology and design by supporting research projects at technical universities and design schools, and by assisting material investments in research facilities. It also aims at promoting economics-related activities with a potential of driving Hungary’s economy ahead, such as the education of Hungarian economics students abroad and supporting young talents (both students and lecturers). 


If you are interested in the foundations’ activities or the support they provide please contact Erzsébet Győri (Law Office No. 224, 1363 Budapest, Pf. 117., Phone: (06 1) 331 6117, e-mail:




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