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On the domestic scene, K&H group was the first company to rebuild its art collection, which has become one of the most modern corporate collections by now.

K&H Bank acquired a large number of artworks over the decades, including several masterpieces. However, we were advised by experts that this assembly of works was not considered a proper art collection because it lacked any professional concept. This prompted us to sell our existing pieces and to reinvest the proceeds in a new collection of Hungarian fine arts consistent with the values of K&H. 


K&H Group is building its new collection of contemporary artwork according to the professional concept developed by the Art Advisory Board appointed for this purpose. The board members are art historian Zsolt Petrányi, art historian, head of department at Hungarian National Gallery, artist József Szurcsik, a Lecturer at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts; and art advisor Tünde Topor, Editor-in-Chief of ArtMagazin. 


The title of the new collection of K&H, ‘Art For a Better and More Meaningful World’, captures the preferred artistic direction, reflecting the same concepts that K&H considers its key values: dynamism, the ability for renewal, a sensitive response to the phenomena of our age and the creation of long-term value - in other words a striving for reliability. 


K&H has launched a scholarship scheme for creative artists to acquire artworks while supporting the youngest generation of artists. Winners of the scholarship receive a gross amount of 125,000 forints and at the end of their scholarship one or more of their works will become part of the K&H collection. 


So far nearly 400 young artists have applied to the scheme. Following the recommendations of the professional panel, the following artists have been awarded support under the scheme: 


March - August 2009: Krisztián Sándor, painter artist

December 2009 - May 2010: Gábor Födő, graphic artist 

June - November 2010: Tamás Kovács Budha, visual artist 

December 2010 - May 2011: Judit Navratil, painter artist

July - December 2011: Hajnal Miklós, visual artist

March - August 2013: János Brückner, painter artist

July - December 2014: Patrícia Jagicza, painter artist


Exhibitions to present the new collection:

- Ferenczi and Co. Gallery, 12-18 November 2009 

- Magyar Ispita, Győr, 4-12 September 2010

- REÖK Palace, Szeged, 17-24 September 2010

- KOGART House, 25-29 November 2010

- New head office of K&H Group, 21-23 November 2011




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