key information


KBC Bonds Corporates Euro

KBC Bonds Corporates USD

proposed investment timescale

at least 3 years

at least 3 years

expected yield in the short term

can fluctuate

can fluctuate

expected yield in the long term

comparable to corporate bonds

comparable to corporate bonds

what investments are there in the fund?

corporate bonds issued in EUR by companies with good credit rating

corporate bonds issued in USD by companies with good credit rating


  • risk arising from the fluctuation of EUR interest rates

  • deterioration in the creditworthiness of issuers

  • risk arising from the fluctuation of USD interest rates

  • deterioration in the creditworthiness of issuers

adjusted to your needs

  • similarly to other open-ended K&H funds, you may deposit your savings at any time, and, if required, you may even withdraw funds together with the yield earned
  • you may invest any amount at any time

you should know before you decide

  • when you purchase investment units of KBC Bonds Corporates Euro or KBC Bonds Corporates USD bond funds, your money will go to a Luxembourg fund with assets with several hundreds of millions of EUR or USD
  • you investment will be managed by the asset management specialists of KBC

  • please, ask your Advisor about additional investment funds available to private banking customers

  • when looking over a shorter timescale of several weeks, the fund’s yield can fluctuate by several percents

  • the risk rating of these funds is defensive


announcement on investment services and securities
general terms and conditions for investment and complementary investment services provided by K&H Bank

We draw your attention to the consumer protection website of Financial Navigator Advisory of the National Bank of Hungary where you can find useful product descriptions and various applications for comparison (loan calculator, budget calculator for households).

This marketing advertisement is not intended as a proposal or a piece of investment advice.  The detailed description of the Fund is included in the Prospectus and the Fund Management Code as well as in the Key Information Document available in Hungarian in the branches of K&H Bank Zrt. as leading distributor and online on the following websites: and In order to make an informed investment decision, please review the details included in these documents thoroughly, especially in terms of risks. At the end of the term the Fund Manager has the right to transform the Fund, subject to the approval of the National Bank of Hungary and with the prior announcement of the terms and conditions, even without express consent from the investors; it must, however, offer the option of redeeming the fund units. In the course of that process the name, investment policy and risk (MIFID) category of the Fund may change. The Fund Manager may also decide to merge the Fund with another fund. To find out more about the distribution costs of the investment units, please consult the announcements of the distributors. The Fund invests in derivative instruments and is therefore exposed to risks above the ordinary. The net asset value of the Fund may fluctuate significantly over the term, the 95% protection of the nominal value of the investment units and the potential rate of return apply only to investments held to maturity and are secured only by the financial assets and the investment policy of the Fund. The Fund does not make any promise of capital or yield protection, and neither does the Fund or any third party offer such a guarantee! Historic yields do not represent a guarantee for future performance. Unless it constitutes income from long-term investment, the yield of the investment units is considered to be interest income, from which the payer must deduct the taxes payable at the time of payment. The precise amounts of taxes payable will always be calculated with reference to the specific circumstances, and tax regulations may change in the future. Income earned on long-term investment contracts is subject to specific tax rules. The Fund is managed by K&H Alapkezelő Zrt., which pursues its activity based on HFSA Resolutions no. III/100.058/2002 and H-EN-III-70/2014. K&H Bank Zrt. sells its products in accordance with the provisions of the MiFID Directive. K&H Bank Zrt. is a member of the Budapest Stock Exchange. Number of its operational licence: Resolutions of the HFSA (and its legal predecessor) no. 41.064/1998, III/41.064-3/2001, III/41.064-11/2002 and III/41.064-16/2003.