K&H Overdraft facility

a flexible construction to bridge your business’s temporary liquidity gaps

  • unrestricted use according to your business’s liquidity needs
  • available without any tangible collateral
K&H Overdraft facility


The K&H Overdraft facility is a credit facility up to the amount of which you can overdraw your business’s account.


amount of the loan
at least HUF 500,000, but not more than HUF 45 million

K&H Bank does not specify any definite expiry date for dynamically growing businesses (maturity date is the 30th day from Bank’s notice), by which it significantly reduces the costs as well as the administrative burden associated with the K&H Overdraft facility (no need to re-make the facility agreement each year, for instance)

The fees and commissions charged by the Bank in connection with lending are included in the Announcement for Corporate Clients.

who might be interested?

  • businesses and entities that wish to manage their liquidity flexibly 

tailored to your needs

  • flexible usage
  • allows you to jump quickly on business opportunities
  • simple drawdown and repayment process
  • cost saving solution through immediate repayment
  • flexible duration: no need to re-make the facility agreement each year 
  • your business’s account can be automatically overdrawn with a payment order 
  • repayment is also done automatically when money is credited to the account 
  • interest is payable for negative balances only 
This material does not constitute an offer. The Bank reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions. A detailed description of the product and its terms and conditions can be found in the relevant Contract, the General Contractual Terms and Conditions for Active Corporate Banking Services (credit, loan, bank guarantee, letter of credit, bills of exchange, lease financing deals), in K&H Bank’s General Terms and Conditions, and the Announcement for Corporate Clients. K&H Bank will decide on the credit facility amounts and the availability thereof as well as on the collateral required at its sole discretion, in accordance with its own policies.