K&H Car and Van Leasing

vehicle leasing with favourable terms and conditions

  • no credit assessment or handling fee
  • for both used and new devices
K&H Car and Van Leasing
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Would you like to purchase a new or used passanger car, small or heavy commercial vehicle?

K&H provides flexible leasing financing on favorable terms.

what are the advantages of leasing?

  • lease financing is free of additional costs, i.e. there are no credit assessment and disbursement fees compared to a traditional bank loan
  • fast, flexible service, simple contracting process, potentially in as little as 48 hours
  • the asset is recorded in the company's books, so it is possible to book various costs

type of financing

closed-end finance leasing
open-end finance leasing


24–72 months



who might be interested?

  • entities, companies 
  • local governments, foundations, government institutions, co-operatives 

tailored to your needs

  • our financial leasing products are available at K&H Bank branches 
  • we tailor our financing arrangements to your needs and circumstances 

can I use the financing for an electric vehicle?

Eligible targets include electric cars and light commercial vehicles. You may also get your company's environmentally friendly electric car using K&H's green car financing offering a favourable fixed interest rate. Please visit our website for further details.

what is the exact application procedure

  • Select the new or used car, commercial vehicle, machinery, equipment, etc. you wish to buy and request a quote from the dealer (or directly from the seller). Once you have received a quote from the dealer, contact your relationship manager or K&H Corporate Customer Service using one of the contact details below:
  • From Hungary and abroad: +36 1 468 7777, +36 1 468 7755
  • Please send any e-mails to: vallalatiugyfelszolgalat@kh.hu
  • Your relationship manager will provide you with information on the documents related to the leasing scheme you have chosen, based on your financing requirement. Please submit your financing application using the documents provided.
  • Our bank will assess the accepted application and, following a positive decision, we will conclude the lease contract.
  • After signing the contract, K&H Bank will purchase the selected asset or equipment and lease it to your company.

Please contact your relationship manager for information on further conditions to the application and on the detailed application procedure.

what leasing scheme should I choose for car financing?

Closed-end and open-ended financial leases are the most popular types of financing for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, and are compared in the table below.


closed-end financial leasing

open-ended financial leasing

purchase price

the lessee capitalises and depreciates the full cost of the leased asset in its own books

the net purchase price of the leased asset is capitalised and amortised by the lessee in its own books on the basis of the lessor's document of ownership transfer

VAT on the purchase price

the lessee pays the VAT on the total purchase price as part of the own funds; the VAT is refundable subject to the financing entity’s capitalisation invoice; VAT is not refundable on passenger cars (subject to the exceptions provided for in the VAT Act)

the lessee pays and may reclaim the VAT on the net value of own funds as part of own funds, and the VAT on the monthly capital instalments paid during the tenor as part of the monthly lease payments


can be booked

initial instalment

reduces the outstandig sum

monthly lease payments

principal repayment,
interest payment

principal repayment,
interest payment,
VAT on principal repayment

ratio of principal within monthly lease payments

reduces the outstanding sum, the lessee books it as a non-current liability in its accounts

ratio of interest within monthly lease payments

can be booked as costs

VAT on monthly lease payments


can be booked

acquiring ownership

at the end of the tenor, the lessee automatically becomes the owner of the leased asset upon payment of the final lease payment

at the end of the lease term, the lessee can decide whether to take ownership of the vehicle or allow a third party to do so by paying the residual value

what is the value of own funds required to buy the equipment?

You can get the asset you wish to lease with as little as 10% in own funds, as long as the asset is new.

what kind of insurance policies are available?

Depending on the type of asset you wish to finance, you can choose from the following insurance policies:

Casco insurance

CASCO insurance is mandatory for leases of cars, light commercial vehicles and other motor vehicles till the end of the lease term

  • For purchasing a car or a light commercial vehicle, you may also apply for a built-in CASCO policy. Casco insurance, provided by K&H Biztosító Zrt. and built-in into K&H lease financing provides insurance cover for your vehicle in the event of breakage, theft or damage to the vehicle, with the insurance premium included in the monthly lease payment. As the premium is fixed for the entire tenor of the insurance, there is no annual indexation of the premium under this scheme.
  • If you do not wish to purchase a built-in insurance policy, you may take out stand-alone CASCO insurance with K&H Biztosító Zrt or another insurance company. For large commercial vehicles, only stand-alone CASCO insurance may be taken out. For more information about comprehensive CASCO insurance, please visit our website.

General Terms and Conditions
This material does not constitute an offer; its sole purpose is to create an interest. Detailed descriptions of the products and their terms and conditions can be found in the relevant Contract and its annexes. Financial leasing is provided by K&H Bank Zrt and operative leasing is by K&H Autópark Kft. K&H Bank Zrt and K&H Autópark Kft will decide on the contracts and the terms and conditions thereof at their sole discretion, in accordance with their own policies, upon examining the client’s credit score.  The contracts are governed by K&H Bank Zrt’s General Contractual Terms and Conditions for Active Corporate Banking Services (credit, loan, bank guarantee, letter of credit, bills of exchange, leasing financing deals), Announcement for Corporate Clients and general Terms and Conditions and by K&H Autópark Kft’s General Contractual Terms and Conditions and Terms and Conditions, which can be found at www.kh.hu. K&H Bank Zrt and K&H Autópark Kft reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions.