account switching simply and conveniently

steps at K&H Bank:

1. submit all documents required to open an account

Documents can be submitted in hard-copy or  as electronic documents.

In accordance with applicable legal provisions, K&H Bank accepts and processes original copies of e-documents submitted to the Court of Registration or generated in the course of the company registration proceedings and authenticated with electronic signatures, as well as electronically authenticated company documents bearing advanced electronic signatures. Please note that only files with extensions .es3, .et3 and .dosszie are accepted.

2. we will help you obtain an authenticated certificate of incorporation

Save yourself the inconvenience of queuing! You do not need to bring along an authentic copy of the certificate of incorporation when you open an account, because our Bank can save you the trouble and obtain an electronically authenticated copy of the certificate of incorporation for a fee.

3. the account can be opened in any of our branches

4. authorisation to add direct debit orders and standing orders

Each account managing bank must issue a form ‘certificate of authorisation to direct debit orders’ at the request of the account holder. Request your current account managing bank to give you a list of your active direct debit orders and standing orders, to accelerate submitting your orders at K&H Bank. 

5. direct debit orders by collecting party

  • enter the collecting party’s identifier: A+8 characters (tax number) or A+8 characters (tax number) + T+3 characters (site code)

  • contract signing

  • our Bank will perform the online registration with GIRO Central Registry

Please be advised that authorisation-related messages (i.e. information sent about registering, modifying or deleting authorisations) must be sent via  an intermediary bank (authorisation-intermediating bank), which means that you must deregister your old intermediary bank and register your new intermediary bank with GIRO Zrt. within one month (between the middle of the current month and the middle of the next month – GIRO Zrt. specifies the exact dates every month). The deregistration process can be managed via your previous bank.

6. postal money remittance (cash payment order)

Production of the postal payment orders for your new account takes a couple of weeks, during which the printing company produces the postal payment orders and – if they need to be inspected by the Post – they are registered. Once this period is over, you can start using the postal orders.

Postal payment orders may only be printed by printing companies having a production code authorised by Magyar Posta Elszámoló Központja (PEK, Settlement Centre of the Hungarian Post). You can find the list of these printing companies on the website of the Hungarian Post.

Please note that amounts paid to a terminated account using postal payment orders will not be credited but returned to the payer after the deduction of a charge.

7. we will help you notify your business partners of your changed account number

We will provide you with ‘our account number has changed!’ stickers, which makes it easier for you to notify your clients of your new account number.

8. we will notify the authorities

In compliance with the applicable legal requirements, our Bank will report your new bank account number also to the Court of Registration and, consequently, the tax authority will also learn of your changed account number, thus you will not have any obligations to report it to either the Court of Registration or the National Tax and Customs Administration.

9. close your old account

Please be advised that your previous account must be closed by you. Our advisors will be at your service if you need information on what you must do to that end.