K&H Group’s corporate social responsibility and especially our community involvement are an innate source of attention to sports. As commitment, determination and performance are prime values for K&H it has come to us rather naturally to commit ourselves to generous sports sponsorship in the long run.   

One of K&H’s four corporate social responsibility focus areas is health, and especially child health care. We have polled our existing and potential customers as part of our effort to focus our sponsoring activities. The survey found that, at the time, our existing and potential clients’ main concern was Hungarian child health care lagging behind the European average.

K&H MediMagic

The K&H MediMagic charity, which dates back to 2004, donates modern medical equipment to child health care institutions –– hospitals and ambulance stations –– financed by the Hungarian social security system. Since its inception, the programme’s primary objective has been to improve doctors’ and nurses’ working conditions and equip as many institutions as possible with diagnostic devices that facilitate the making of smart decisions as part of K&H’s effort to help the present and future generations lead a full life.

Throughout the years, we have gradually expanded MediMagic both in terms of the donations and the funding sources. To this day, the programme has donated devices and equipment worth more than HUF 577 million to a total number of 336 child health care institutions.

More than just a promoter of physical healing, MediMagic has cared for sick children’s psychological wellbeing right from the start. It was in this vein that we launched, among others, the K&H MediMagic story telling initiative in 2013, which invites volunteers to read out tales and stories to children in any of 84 hospitals nationwide, in person or from video footage.

The core element of MediMagic, i.e. the charity programme, received 93 applications this year. The professional jury selected 14 beneficiaries from across the country.

The amount offered by K&H this year was HUF 20 million, distributed among the winners based on the decision of a jury of medical professionals. The central idea this time was innovation, as we at K&H not only strive to serve our customers in innovative ways but also wish to promote innovative solutions in paediatric health care.

Winners of the nationwide K&H MediMagic charity programme in 2016:




Bábolna Ambulance Station


Bácsalmás  Ambulance Station


Bicske  Ambulance Station


Children’s Cardiology Ward, Kispesti Health Care Institute


Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ward, Uzsoki Utcai Hospital


Dombóvári Szent Lukács Hospital


Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Hospitals and University Teaching Hospital

Fehérgyarmati Hospital and Medicinal Bath


Jánoshalma Small Region Health Care Centre


Komló Health Centre, Miners’ Follow-up Care and Night Sanatorium Health Care Centre


Almási Balogh Pál Hospital


Paediatrics Clinic, Pécs University


Nógrád County Arm of the National Ambulance Service’s Northern Hungary Regional Ambulance Service


Sárospatak Ambulance Station


Public Health District Nurse Service

K&H MediMagic media partners: RTL Klub, Central Mediacsoport, Mediaworks Hungary