K&H foundations

K&H Bank has the following foundations, which support the development of their respective target areas:

K&H Táncsics Art Foundation –– for an Open Society
The Foundation’s aim is to promote social progress through the activities of social organizations and initiatives (i.e. conducting sociological and political science research and promoting young politicians’ gaining international experience) and to support the development of an independent Hungarian press and those who contribute to it (individuals, communities, periodicals, training courses, etc.). The Foundation also acts as a sponsor for the preservation and creation of artistic value by, among other things, donating for the purposes of artistic creation, exhibitions, the translation of literature, and the arts press.

K&H Foundation for a Healthy Nation
The objective of this Foundation is to sponsor activities that promote a culture of health in Hungary through, for instance, the proliferation of new techniques of “primary prevention” and supporting health-care providers.  

K&H Foundation for Hungarian Sciences, Technological Progress and Economist Training
This Foundation’s objective is to promote progress in science and technological and industrial design by –– among others –– sponsoring natural and social sciences, technical and design colleges and universities’ research programmes and individual research initiatives; as well as activities leading to crucial development in Hungary’s economy by sponsoring economics students’ training abroad and supporting young specialists, both teachers and students.

For more information about the activities and sponsorships of any of our foundations, please contact Erzsébet Győri.
(Law Office No. 224, 1363 Budapest, POB 117, phone: +36 1 331 6117, e-mail: gyori.erzsebet@t-online.hu)