the Bank’s activities

K&H Bank is one of the leading banks in Hungary in retail services as well as in the corporate segment.

Our main objective is to offer the best solutions to our partners’ financial needs, and we are therefore continuously working on improving our products and services. In doing so, we rely on our shareholders’ century-long expertise as well as the commitment, high-quality work and innovative professionalism of our employees. As a universal banking group, our Bank today operates around 210 branches all over the country, offering clients the full range of financial services.

KBC Bank and Insurance had successfully introduced its unique bank-insurance concept on the Belgian market; and it now treats this concept as strategically important at the Central European affiliates it considers its second home markets as well, paying special attention to the coordination of the operations of its Hungarian affiliates (K&H Bank and K&H Insurance).

The aim of the above goes beyond achieving higher operational efficiency by taking advantage of cross-selling opportunities: the main goal for both K&H Bank and K&H Insurance is to offer clients a comprehensive range of easily available products by selling the products and services of each other. K&H Bank branches started selling home insurances of K&H General Insurance in November 2000 and the Insurance Company first started to sell K&H home and personal loans in July 2001. Somewhat later, the products of K&H Life Insurance were added, followed by K&H pension insurances in 2014, including both the single-premium and the regular-premium varieties, which allow our clients to maintain the standard of living they are accustomed to even after their retirement.

We provide our clients with personalised investment advice appropriate to their individual life situations and needs by relying on the knowledge and experience of K&H Bank advisors. We offer our clients a full range of savings and investment products: our savings accounts, investment funds and savings life insurance products can be combined into diversified portfolios allowing our clients to optimise the yields from their savings.

We recommend our K&H premium banking service to clients who have higher savings, wish to manage their finances simply and flexibly, and are looking for custom-tailored solutions.

Clients with considerable private wealth can access our private banking services, which will help them preserve and grow their wealth.

We continue to enhance our products and services all the time. For instance, the Bank’s branch network was the first in this country to offer capital-protected investment funds. Our product offering includes all the investment funds managed by K&H Investment Fund Management, of which mixed funds with price protection are especially unique: depending on market conditions and the current price, they continually adjust the composition of the underlying investments, aiming for a dynamic annual level of price protection as well.

As the second largest retail bank, we offer a number of innovative services over and above the traditional financial products helping you manage your day-to-day personal finances, such as account management, transfers utilities’ direct debits, fixed deposits, home loans and cash loans.

Acting as pioneers on the Hungarian bank card market, we were the first to launch chip cards complying with more stringent international security standards than magnetic strip cards.

The Bank promotes the ever wider proliferation of electronic banking in a variety of ways. K&H’s retail e-banking service uses chip card identification and provides the highest level of security available on the Hungarian market, while the K&H TeleCenter is available to clients 24 hours of the day. K&H mobilinfo is a Hungarian innovation: text messages are sent to clients to provide them with real-time information about, for instance, the changes on their accounts or their bank card transactions.

Our Bank’s Employee Benefit Package offers various attractive services to help employers cut the costs of benefits to their employees significantly. Besides traditional banking services, the Bank offers a number of unique solutions to small and medium-size companies, such as, for example, the cost-efficient and flexible account packages adjusted to the needs of these businesses. In addition to conventional credit products, our Bank plays a key role in the disbursement of state-subsidised loans to small and medium-size businesses, which can access a wide range of European Union services in our nationwide branch network, from application advice to lending for own contributions.

K&H Bank is one of the leading corporate banks on the Hungarian market. Its solid capital base, the resulting high threshold for its risk capacity, its nationwide corporate network of 5 regional centres and 13 points of sale, an array of state-of-the-art electronic services and the shareholder backing that allows for regional as well as global solutions all guarantee the high quality of our Bank’s services to its corporate clients. These clients include all the major corporations and mid-corps of the Hungarian economy, in manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation, energy, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, consumer goods and agriculture.

K&H Bank’s structured and project finance experts constitute a professional workshop with the longest history in Hungary. They have wide-ranging experience in project finance, syndicated lending, acquisition finance, home construction finance, bond issuing and corporate acquisition consulting. Besides supporting their day-to-day business management, we help our corporate clients with European Union matters, too. A dedicated team is responsible for dealing with municipality transactions and EU projects; K&H Bank was the first among the commercial banks to set up such a unit.

K&H Insurance also offers a wide range of products to our corporate clients.

In addition to all of the above, K&H’s Markets Directorate offers companies a wide range of products for managing market risks, such as spot and forward currency transactions, hedging arrangements to deal with exchange rates, interest rates and commodity prices, as well as government securities trading and customised investment options.