K&H art collection

K&H Group was the first among Hungary’s corporations to rebuild its art collection, which has become one of the most advanced in this country.

K&H Bank gathered a considerable stock of artwork over the decades, which included several masterpieces. Nevertheless, specialists examining that trove concluded that not having been built up along a well-defined concept it did not constitute a real collection. It was then decided to sell what we had at the time and create a new collection in line with K&H’s core values relying entirely on the proceeds. Far from divesting from Hungarian culture, we reinvested the full amount in Hungarian visual arts.

K&H Group develops its new, contemporary art collection along a concept defined by an art advisory board. Its members are: art historian Zsolt Petrányi, head of department with the Hungarian National Gallery; visual artist József Szurcsik, lecturer at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts; and art consultant Tünde Topor, editor in chief of ArtMagazin.

The title of our new collection –– “Art for a Better and More Meaningful World” –– defines an artistic trend which is characterized by the values K&H itself cherishes: dynamism, the ability to rejuvenate and sensitively reflect on the latest phenomena, and an eagerness to deliver reliable performance and to create lasting value.

As a special way of procuring pieces of art and sponsoring the youngest generation of visual artists, K&H has launched an Art Sponsorship Program which pays a gross HUF 125,000 a month, for six months, to selected artists with one or more of the works created by them to be included in the K&H collection at the end of the period.

Some 400 young artists have so far applied for grant under the K&H Art Sponsorship Program and the following have been selected by the jury panel of artists:

March-August 2009: Krisztián Sándor, painter

December-May 2009: Gábor Födő, graphic artist

June-November 2010: Tamás Budha Kovács, visual artist

December-May 2010: Judit Navratil, painter

July-December 2011: Hajnal Miklós, painter

March-August 2013: János Brückner, painter

July-December 2014: Patrícia Jagicza, painter

Exhibitions of the K&H collection:

Ferenczi és Tsai Galéria, 12-18 November 2009

Magyar Ispita, Győr, 4-12 September 2010

REÖK Palota, Szeged, 17-24 September 2010

KOGART Ház, 25-29 November 2010

K&H Group central office building, 21-23 November 2011

K&H Group central office building, 27 October - 28 November 2014

 Works of art in the K&H “Art for a Better and More Meaningful World” collection