important information about incoming foreign currency transfers

Please be advised that incoming foreign-currency payments may be converted by any foreign intermediary bank that is not K&H Bank Zrt’s correspondent bank to the currency of the payee’s country. This means that foreign-currency payments credited to you come in to K&H as domestic HUF payments, and we may be left totally unaware of the original currency of the payment.

If a payment that you know to have been made in a foreign currency is credited to your foreign-currency account as a HUF transfer, please, inform our help desk or any of our branches. K&H will do what it can to prevent any losses you may incur as a result of the prevailing market practice, and to assist you in recovering the extra price of the double conversion. We will be in the best possible position to make a claim against the banks making the unnecessary conversions if you produce evidence in the form of bank documents, which show that the payment was originally made in a foreign currency.