K&H Fund Management

member of the K&H and the KBC Group

Our goal is to protect and increase the wealth of our clients, help them to achieve their financial goals.

K&H Fund Management is member of the K&H and the KBC Group, 100% subsidiary of K&H Bank. The company has been providing investment fund management and services to institutional cliens since the November 1997.

our core values

  • professionalism

  • customer centricity

  • innovation

  • secure and transparent operation


K&H Fund Management is at the forefront of introducing new types of investment funds in Hungary.

First in the Hungarian market:

  • index-fund (K&H navigátor, BUX index tracker)

  • close end capital protected funds and funds with yield protection

  • balanced fund family based on client risk profiles

international cooperation

K&H Fund Management works closely with the Belgian KBC Asset Management and other asset management companies in the KBC Group.

The cooperation extends to:

  • the design of a global investment strategy,

  • product development,

  • and knowledge sharing on sales, and services