The company’s personality attracts employees

The good repute of a company is an increasingly powerful factor in business, and is driven, in addition to the brand, by such elements as caring for the employees, and the activities pursued for the benefit of the society and the environment. The best source of learning about the social responsibility, environmental protection and HR measures of a company is its CSR report. The recently published sustainability report of K&H Group, one of the leading financial institutions in Hungary, presents the company’s personality as an employer in an impressive and easily understandable way, walking through the main areas supported. 

Whether it is a career-starter or a jobseeker with several years of experience, in addition to financial aspects and career development potentials, the good reputation of the company also plays a decisive role. Therefore, a well-positioned employer brand is gaining more and more importance in the life of companies. A survey conducted by Kienbaum consulting has found that 83 percent of the interviewed HR specialists believe that employer branding is a fairly or highly important aspect. A decent reputation, i.e. the positive perception of the company’s personality, plays an important role not only when new employees are being recruited but it also helps in the retention of existing ones: according to specialists, one experience after the other strengthens the long-term commitment of employees.

“As a leading financial institution, we are responsible for the society and the environment in which we work and live. We strive to improve year after year, so last year we added some new elements to our long-running programs in the areas of financial education, environmental protection, enterprise promotion and healthcare. We launched the K&H Gap in the market! enterprise promotion program that is unparalleled in Hungary, and a new element – specifically aimed at the involvement of local communities – was added to our 13-year-old K&H MediMagic program. We have elaborated our accessibility strategy for our disabled clients, and have actively involved our employees in our support programs, explained Horváth Magyary Nóra, executive director of Communications at K&H.

employees as the most important asset

K&H Group considers its more than 4,000 employees as its most important asset. With a view to making the company an increasingly attractive workplace, special emphasis is laid on individualised career planning and development within the organisation. Nearly one hundred employees took part in the career management program, and staff could choose from over 340 types of trainings.

financial literacy for smart decisions

Basic financial knowledge should be acquired as early as in childhood, so the bank organised its K&H Ready, steady, money! financial competition for the seventh time in the 2016/17 school year, motivating 6,817 pupils from 443 primary schools to enhance their knowledge and compete.

pioneer in having an environmental protection system

In 2016 K&H managed to further reduce its ecological footprint. It is the first Hungarian financial institution that obtained the ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 environmental and energy management certifications. In addition, for the second year in a row, through the K&H for sustainable agriculture scholarship scheme, 7 university students who are committed to the long-term and sustainable development of the agricultural sector were recognised for their research work.

a gap-filling initiative in enterprise promotion

Championing in Hungary, the K&H Gap in the market program builds a bridge between the needs of consumers and SMEs in order to increase the number of enterprises that fulfil yet unmet needs. In response to the announcement, a record number of ideas (16,600 in total) were received from the general public. Moreover, the website of the program at provides economic and other data about the local surroundings to the companies.

promoting health for a fuller life

The K&H MediMagic program has been supporting pediatric healthcare through instrument procurements for 13 years now. In 2013, a new element was added to the program: the K&H MediMagic story-telling doctors program that aims to improve the mental health of little patients. Over the years, hospitals and ambulance stations have been supported on a total of 366 occasions, in a value nearing HUF 589 million, while more than 13,300 new volunteers have joined the story-teller team.

K&H Group’s 2016 sustainability report is accessible at:

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