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As a key player on the Hungarian insurance market, K&H Biztosító Zrt. (K&H Insurance) strives to enrich its service offering with products that are always tailored to the needs of customers. Thus we offer a wide range of life and non-life insurance products to private persons and SMEs.

You can access our products in K&H branches as well as through tied agents and insurance brokers, but you can also buy insurance on our website, in a fast and convenient manner.

K&H Insurance offers savings and risk life insurance products (that may take the form of payment protection insurance) to private individuals, and group (employee) risk insurance products to small and medium-sized businesses.

Our non-life insurance product range includes vehicle insurance as well as home and travel insurance for private individuals, and property, liability and machinery breakdown insurance for businesses.

what products do we offer?

K&H home insurance

standard elements irrespective of the chosen package

  • cover for fire, storm, water and earthquake damage
  • cover for broken glass (general types)

add-on covers in insurance riders

  • cover for broken glass (special types)
  • cover for damage to movables and building accessories due to burglary, break-in or sneak-in theft
  • cover for vandalism, roof leakage and plaster damage, and damage caused by smoke and soot
  • cover for damage to buildings and building parts under construction, extension or reconstruction
  • cover for damage to property used for business purposes
  • in the convenience package, for example: the costs of lock replacement and official document replacement are reimbursed, and damage to frozen food due to a power failure are also covered
  • cover for damage caused by machinery breakdown or short-circuit
  • cover for damage caused by service interruption
  • cover for veterinary costs arising from your pet’s accident or illness
  • cover for elemental and pipe-burst damage to a garage-stored vehicle
  • K&H home assistance (24/7)
  • cover for the event of unemployment
  • cover for damage to IT and multimedia devices and electric household appliances due to excess voltage
  • third-party liability cover
  • accidental cover
  • cover for movables stored outdoors

K&H MTPL (mandatory third-party liability) insurance

  • cover for vehicle damage caused to third parties
  • broad range of discounts
  • available online, simply and fast

K&H casco insurance

  • the basic coverage provides cover for breakage and elemental damage, in addition to which you can choose theft cover
  • optional additional covers:
    • casco service 24
    • luggage insurance (belongings transported in the vehicle)
    • insurance of leisure equipment and accessories transported on the vehicle
    • child equipment insurance (eg pram, child safety seat, bed, playpen)
    • accident insurance
    • extra equipment insurance

available online, K&H biztostárs travel insurance

  • you can always choose from our ‘Alap’ (basic), ‘Emelt’ (medium) and ‘Ideál’ (high) packages
  • for different purpose of your travel (e.g. sightseeing, beach holiday, diving, skiing, travelling overseas, etc.)

K&H optional travel insurance for bank card

  • health care assistance and health insurance
  • travel assistance and insurance
  • accidental insurance
  • legal assistance and insurance
  • personal third-party liability insurance
  • luggage insurance

K&H life insurance riders for K&H retail and premium bank accounts

Our life insurance and accident insurance riders available for K&H retail and premium bank accounts allow you to take care of your and your family’s financial security.  

Benefits and premiums of our life and accident insurance packages are:




premium package

risk life insurance (death following an accident or illness)

200 000 HUF

1 000 000 HUF

1 000 000 HUF

accidental death

1 800 000 HUF

2 500 000 HUF

10 000 000 HUF
traffic accidental death 10 000 000 HUF

total and permanent accidental disability

1 500 000 HUF

3 000 000 HUF

accidental hospital
allowance on the 10th day
1 000 000 HUF
health assistance

diagnostic examination
home care
TeleDoctor hotline

monthly premium

390 HUF

990 HUF

1 990 HUF

K&H payment protection insurance (for K&H cash loan, K&H mortgage loan)

K&H Insurance pays indemnification for the following insurance events:

  • disability to work beyond 30 days due to an accident or illness
  • unemployment
  • accidental permanent disability over 50%
  • death following an accident or illness

K&H hozamhalmozó 3 life insurance

This unit linked life insurance product is recommended if you wish to reach your medium- and long-term savings targets through the payment of regular amounts, while being permanently protected by a life, accident and health insurance cover.

K&H prémium 3 life insurance

These single-premium unit-linked life insurance products allow you to build a portfolio and diversify your investments with a higher potential return and interest tax allowance, while ensuring financial security for your family. You can pay ad-hoc premium at any time.

K&H pension insurance 3 with regular premium payments

This pension plan is recommended if you wish to ensure, in due time, your financial security in your retirement years. In addition to a wide range of asset funds and the related tax exemption, a tax credit is available for 20% of the premium payments which increases your savings further.

K&H risk life insurance

A regular-premium risk life insurance product for the event of the insured’s death, illness or accident. The entire family can be insured in a single policy. You can also set the period of your policy.

This English language page is for information purposes only. Contracts are written and clients are communicated with in Hungarian; our contractual terms and conditions, information materials and announcements are in Hungarian. Should there be any difference between our contracting terms and conditions and the Hungarian language information available on this page or on other pages of our website, the Hungarian text shall be authoritative.

The description of the products does not constitute an offer; its sole purpose is to attract attention. The detailed description of the products and services are contained in the relevant insurance contract and insurance terms and conditions, available on our website at www.kh.hu and in any K&H bank branch. The service is provided by K&H Insurance.