the Bank’s management

K&H Bank’s Board of Directors (5 May, 2021)

Peter Andronov (Chairman)
Christine Van Rijsseghem
Guy Libot
Lajos Beke
Attila Gombás

Supervisory Board (1 May, 2023)

Krisztina Horváth (Chairwoman)
Zdenek Tuma
Cedric Du Monceau
Ágnes Szombati-Kovács
dr. Mirjana Markovics
Sonja de Becker

diversity of management bodies

K&H Bank promotes diversity in the composition of the Board of Directors (BoD) and the Supervisory Board (SB). The aim is to maintain diversity in terms of know-how, experience, gender and geographical background, in order to ensure that the BoD and the SB can both fall back on a broad base of relevant competences and know-how and receive diverse opinions and input for their decision-making process. The BoD and the SB should have a balanced composition to ensure that they have suitable expertise in the area of banking and insurance, the requisite experience in executive management and a broad awareness of societal and technological developments.

To achieve the targeted diversity, the following rules are to be applied:

  • at least one of the (separately in the BoD and in the SB) members must be of a different gender than the other members;
  • the members must be of different nationalities, with due account being taken of the different geographical areas where KBC is active;
  • three members of the Executive Committee must also sit on the Board of Directors;
  • in the Supervisory Board there has to be at least one under-represented gender member also in addition to the employee representative(s).

To achieve our long-term ambition in gender ratio (50/50 balance in the governing bodies), the Nomination Committee of K&H Bank has decided to apply the following approach:

  • when nominating candidates to the management bodies, preference is given to candidates of the under-represented gender;
  • unless otherwise justified by professional aspects, from among candidates with equal competence and who are otherwise qualified and suitable in every other respect, preference will be given to the under-represented gender of the management body.

Executive Committee

Andrea Király – Head of Retail Division

Andrea Király holds a Master's degree in Commerce from the University of Economics in Bratislava. Since 2003, she has held various positions in marketing, SME, communications and PR. After more than 10 years at CSOB (a member of KBC Group) in Slovakia, she moved to Hungary, where she became Head of Segment Marketing. Andrea was responsible for Marketing and Channel Support from 2020 and was appointed Head of Marketing and Digital Sales. Andrea was appointed as Head of Retail Division from 2 January, 2023.

Attila Gombás – head of Finance and Corporate, SME Credit Management Division

Attila Gombás is a member of the K&H Executive Committee. He joined K&H Bank in 1994 after graduating from the Budapest University of Economics. He has worked at Controlling since 1995 and has been at its helm since 2002. He was appointed head of the Finance and Corporate, SME Credit Management Division in October 2005. 

Balázs Németh – head of Operations, Technologies and Retail Credit Management Division

Balázs Németh has been the head of the Operations, Technologies and Retail Credit Management Division since November 2018, after heading the Change Management Division. Following to his graduation from the Budapest University of Economics, Balázs Németh joined K&H as a senior business analyst in 2001. He was later appointed as head of Controlling and ICT at K&H Leasing. He continued his career as head of Controlling at K&H Bank from 2006. Balázs Németh was appointed as head of the Strategy Directorate in 2011, head of the Strategy and HR Directorate in 2014.

Guy Libot – Chief Executive Officer (Chairman)

Guy Libot graduated from UFSIA (Belgium) in 1985 with a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics. In 1988, he gained a Master’s Degree in Commercial Engineering again from UFSIA. He started his career at KBC (Kredietbank) in September 1987 and became head of the representative office in Los Angeles (USA) in 1990. He then headed up the network desk in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in 1992 before becoming branch manager of KBC Bank in Singapore in 1995. In June 2000, he was appointed as CEO of KBC Bank Netherlands, before becoming Deputy CEO of KBC’s Polish subsidiary, Kredyt Bank from 2003 until 2006 and Deputy CEO of K&H Bank in Hungary from June 2006 until September 2010. He then took up the post of General Manager of the Central Europe Banking Directorate at KBC’s Head Office in Brussels and was promoted to Senior General Manager in May 2011. From December 2013 until September 2017, he was Chief Audit Executive at KBC Group. In 2017, he moved on to become Senior General Manager of Shared Services & Operations at KBC Group. Since June 2019, he was responsible for the Group Finance department as a General Manager. He was appointed as CEO of K&H Group in May 2021.

Gábor Rajna – head of Business Banking Division

The head of the Business Clients Division, a member of the Management Committee of K&H Bank. He graduated from Corvinus University in Budapest with a degree in Finance and Risk Management, and started his career at BNP Paribas as a market risk manager. He has been working at K&H since 2003, and between 2007 and 2010 he proved himself as the head of the Treasury sales department. He continued his career as head of KBC Treasury in Poland. He returned to K&H in 2013 as marketing manager. After that, he was responsible for retail sales until the beginning of 2022 and played a decisive role in the successful further development of the Retail Banking Division.

Lajos Beke – head of CRO Services Division

Lajos Beke, Senior Managing Director, Head of CRO Services Division and member of the Executive Committee since 1 May 2015. He graduated from the Technical University of Budapest and the Budapest University of Economics. He joined K&H Bank in November 2002 as Head of the Information Technology Directorate and took over the Operations Division in May 2004, which has been operating as the Banking and Investment Products Division since 2008. Since 1 May 2015, he has been head of the CRO Services Division.