creating an attractive workplace

K&H Group considers its employees its most important asset and we firmly believe that we cannot be successful without a satisfied, motivated and well-trained workforce. In line with this conviction, our human resources managers seek to maintain an environment that strikes an ideal balance between our employees’ expectations and the organisation’s priorities.

A facilitating environment is an indispensable precondition for outstanding performance and continuous professional development. Feeling strong responsibility for its employees and desirous of their satisfaction –– with working conditions, benefits received and career opportunities alike –– K&H Group conducts a comprehensive satisfaction survey of its entire workforce every two years and relies on the findings in various areas of its operations including the formulation and improvement of motivational programmes.

Our cafeteria system offers a wide range of benefits from which our employees can choose according to their individual needs and situations while they can also take advantage of employee loans with favourable terms and conditions.  In addition to that, K&H employees are offered assistance in their pursuit of studies as well as specialist training courses, by which we encourage their development and promote their professional advancement within the organization.

training programmes

We offer wide-ranging development opportunities to our employees, stretching beyond the competencies strictly required for performing their present jobs, including courses in professional, personal and language skills.

We support those participating in formal higher-education programmes by providing financial assistance and allowing time off from work.

As we expand our branch network and hire new employees we also step up our efforts with respect to newcomers’ onboarding.

career planning and development

We facilitate in-house career planning by defining typical career paths fitting K&H Group’s organizational structure and job-related competence requirements.Our career development programmes are another contributor to internal selection and promotions. In every two years we run a round of our Young Talents programme, which offers individual and group training opportunities to twelve to thirteen specialist participants for three years with a view to developing them into middle managers.

We run a new round of our branch manager training programme every year or every two years aiming to train twelve to fifteen participants for a period of two years, primarily to head new K&H branches.

Our Career Starters programme is open to talented graduates, whom we guide through various functions of the Group in nine months and then hire as junior colleagues in the areas best fitting their skills and capabilities.

The post-training questionnaires, feedback from the participants and the results achieved all attest to these programmes’ valuable contributions and overall success.

young mothers programme

We started a new programme called “Welcome back” in 2007 for young mothers spending a long time off from work to keep them updated on the latest issues concerning K&H Group and to help as many of them as possible to return to their original jobs after the time spent on maternity leave, away from the world of work.

internal communication

We communicate actively not just with the outside world but also with our own employees. The key to K&H’s success is in the hands of our colleagues; it is therefore very important for us that they learn about all news concerning K&H straight from the horse’s mouth.

More than that, we make our internal communication interactive: a dedicated electronic forum allows our employees to share their ideas and make suggestions towards improvement, which we welcome and incorporate into our plans.

trade unions

Our nearly 4,000 employees can choose from two trade unions to join. Our management always consults trade union leaders before making decisions with consequences for our workforce.

The K&H Trade Union emerged from the last Works Council elections as the only employee representative body entitled to enter into a Collective Bargaining Agreement or any other agreement involving employee interests until the next elections.

There is a Labour Safety Committee working alongside the K&H Group Works Council, which has three members elected from among the ranks of employees only, and which advises the management on labour health and safety programmes.

K&H Group extensively subsidizes the Employee Social Assistance programme, which is operated via a K&H Trade Union foundation in accordance with the Aid Policy, an annex to the Collective Bargaining Agreement. K&H also subsidizes the K&H Sports Days, an event held annually by the K&H Trade Union.

working conditions

We make sure to build proper-size offices and pay attention to the optimal use of space; we use natural light sources and buy PC monitors that protect the eyes. When setting up our offices, we extensively rely on ergonomics and the so-called “green office guidelines” (which strive at energy saving and the use of environmentally friendly materials in the context of everyday office work).

child friendly workplace

In 2013, K&H received mtd Consulting Group’s “Diverse and Family Friendly Workplace” prize awarded to employers that excel in creating a diverse, inclusive and family friendly workplace and treat equal opportunities, the balance between private life and work and family friendly employment as a priority.

Since July 2013 K&H has made it possible for employees working in its central office building to take advantage, upon preliminary request and registration, of a child friendly office. This office offers a solution to all those who cannot secure babysitting for their children for a few hours or a couple of days. While they are discharging their duties from this office, their little ones are allowed to pass the time in the children’s corner under their own parents’ supervision.