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The only reason for requesting these details is to allow the Bank to get in touch with you; if we are unable to do so, we will delete your data within 90 days. The Bank may rely on the services of a third party contributor (data processor) in this process. Contributors provide contractual guarantees of their compliance with data protection safeguards.
You can contact the Bank at any of its contact points to modify your data or to have them deleted, without any restrictions or need for justification.
Should you have any complaint regarding the management of your data, you can contact the Bank’s internal data protection officer or turn to court. The Bank’s data protection registration number: 00465.
The data may be accessed by only those employees of the data controller (and/or the contributor) who are participants in the contact process by virtue of their jobs.
Once you have completed the contact form, click on the “please call me back” button to give, in possession of the above clear and detailed information, your voluntary consent to the management of your data. The Bank may consider your consent as upheld until such time as you instruct us of the opposite.